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The tennis player Rafael Nadal took a new step in his role as an entrepreneur and announced that he will open the Rafa Nadal Tennis Center in Costa Mujeres, north of Cancun, one of the main tourist destinations in Mexico. It will be the first sports center of the Nadal brand and is part of a line that Spanish plans to build “in the main centers of tourism” in the world.

The first will be located in Mexico, “a country close in every way,” according to number two in the world. The venue will be located in the vicinity of the holiday resort located in Costa Mujeres, “in order to offer tennis programs so that guests and residents of the area can play and receive tennis classes with the highest standards,” said Nadal.

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The opening of the venue will take place in November this year and will include eight clay tennis courts, a 7-a-side soccer field, a paddle court and an exhibition of objects and clothing by the Spanish tennis player.

The tennis center will offer training for all levels and ages of guests staying at these hotels, and for residents and visitors to the area. The courses will be taught by coaches of the “Rafa Nadal Academy”. One of the objectives of the tennis player is to complement the experience and knowledge developed in his own academy, which opened its doors in 2016 in Mallorca, Spain, where the Iberian lives and where more than two thousand players have passed.


“The intention is to develop a new line of sports centers that come out, which complements the ‘Rafa Nadal Academy’, where my house is, our idea is to have four or five like this in very clear destinations,” added the Spaniard. Nadal did not advance the names of the tourist destinations that will accompany Cancun, but he did say that some will be in Europe and would like another to be in Asia. “We are seeing the centers where the centers have acceptance and are clear global destinations,” he said. “

I have investments in Cozumel and in Cancun, it’s an area I trust, that’s why we have chosen Mexico as the first center,” he said. Asked if this would cause more visits from Nadal to Mexico, the tennis player said he comes very often and that will not change. “I come to Mexico, another thing is to know or not, especially in Cancun, and that will not change, I do it every year and I will continue doing it”.

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