Rain Man: Analysis and Plot of the Classic Drama Film

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Rain man is the classic drama film of 1988, it is the story of two brothers, younger brother is a self-obsessed vehicle trader Charlie Babbitt which is his mid-twenties and other autistic brother is Raymond Babbitt. Charlie’s father died and attorney share his father’s will with Charlie, according to the will he left car and rose bushes for Charlie and $3 million will go into the trust fund for a beneficiary. When Charlie was young he used his father’s car without his consent and his father sent him to jail on account of a stolen car. The attorney told him that 3 million amounts will go to the trust to distribute to someone.

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He decided to go to meet the trustee of the fund with his girlfriend Susanna. When Susanna was waiting for his boyfriend in the car a person appeared and said that I know this car Charlie asked who is this person and Doctor told him that Raymond is your brother. Then, he knows that his father left $3 million for Raymond.

He kidnapped Raymond and take him away from hospital. They went to a hotel but Raymond want to go back to the Wallbrook. Charlie gave telephone directory to Raymond for readings. Susanna was not happy for this situation and left the place in the night. In the morning both brothers went out for breakfast and Raymond see the name of the waitress and tell her telephone number. Raymond is autistic and he calculate mathematical problems in his head with accuracy, he also has excellent memory he can memorize huge amount of data at once.

Charlie and Raymond went airport to take flight for Los Angeles. At the airport, Raymond denied to go Los Angeles by airplane. He said to Charlie, travel through plane is dangerous. Then, Charlie decided to go L.A. by the car. On the way rain started and Raymond don’t want to travel in the rain. Raymond has extraordinary abilities. When Charlie knows the extraordinary abilities of the Raymond, then he took him to Las Vegas. Charlie bought clothes for Raymond and himself and go to cuisine to play some cards. They played very well and won almost $8600. They went to hotel room and Raymond said Charlie to teach him a dance. Charlie taught him dance. Charlie’s girlfriend appeared in the hotel and Raymond and Susanna danced at elevator, she kissed him.

At the end of this trip Charlie finds himself protective about Raymond and this feeling grows true love for him. Charlie, Raymond and Susanna reached Los Angeles. Doctor Benner gave a check of amount $250,000 to Charlie and said stay away from Raymond because Raymond is my responsibility to take care of him. Charlie refused to take check and fight to not give Raymond to anyone.

Finally, Charlie has no longer cares about the money and just wants to have the custody of Raymond. However, at a custodial meeting Raymond is unable to decide exactly what he wants. Charlie lost the custody of Raymond but he found a big brother. Doctor took Raymond back to the Wallbrook. Charlie promises to Raymond that he will see him soon as he boards an Amtrak train.   

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