Rain: Objective Analysis of Its Importance and a Subjective Recall of the Feelings It Brings

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When it Rains, it Pours

“I see raindrops as heavenly tears of sorrow for my mistakes.” Rain, can be a great thing for deserts and dry towns, but a nightmare for the crowded, busy cities and streets that never sleep. The newscasters tell you to be safe and pay attention when driving. They say to drive 30 mph on the highway when the roads are wet, but you still go 70, like half of the drivers on the road. Although rain can define our feelings, or sometimes even put us in a saddening mood, rain is calm, and is actually nothing to be afraid of. To some people, rain makes us feel good, but, to others, it can cause us to feel down, just like the dark, cloudy sky above us. Rain can make you feel fresh, or to start over again, it just all depends on how you look at it.

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After it rains, it feels as if the sky has taken a shower on all of us. The smell of wet grass goes up your nostrils as you step outside onto the damp driveway, its light color now a dark, tinted shade. The holes in the ground and street have water in them, creating large and small puddles, for children to splash in. The air smells clear and new, although most times it can be sticky and humid. After it rains, it usually feels humid and you feel like something is stuck to your skin. This is because right after it has finished raining, and the sun comes out, and if we walk outside, our skin feels like that, sticky.

Right during spring time, that’s the time of year when we see many wearing raincoats, rain boots, and other wet-weather attire and gear. “It’s raining; take your umbrella with you today.” Are the familiar words we hear from our parents, or even our fellow friends. As well as, “I hate the rain! It’s pouring out there!”,”It’s about time we got some rain, isn’t it’?” And, “I love it when it rains! Don’t you?” Whether you live in a dry area, that might as well as be considered as a drought, or a town that gets rain every weekend, there will always be someone who enjoys the rain, and would prefer it over a hot, sunny day. Although there will also be someone else who would enjoy the heat better than the rain, and then there’s others, who wouldn’t mind if it rained all day or not at all.

Sometimes, it can rain when it is sunny, or even when it’s storming so hard, you may have the fear of being struck by lightning when you walk outside. Most children, and even adults, enjoy taking a walk, playing, jumping and making a splash in the puddles, or to do just about anything to be in the rain, and to enjoy it. However, there are many other people, who dislike when rains. They prefer to be indoors, watching the rain pour down the windows, or to hear the sound of rain, which may cause them to feel calm. Others just dislike rain because it may make them feel uneasy about the power going out, or lightning hitting the house. Either way, we all have our reasons to like the rain or not. Rain has its own perks and flaws, and it’s our own choice to decide if we like it or not. You may like the rain because of the feeling when it wets your face, or the aftermath of it when it has that nature scent among you. You might dislike the rain, because it causes your clothes to become all dirty, or gets the dry dirt all wet, and turns into sticky mud, ruining your brand new shoes and the ankle of your jeans.

Rain can be something you love, or something you hate. Rain has its own pros and cons, and they’re all different to other people. Rain makes changes, and changes in the weather make it rain. In the end, rain is another part of nature, just like trees, just like the sun, and of course, just like us humans, because we are just another part of nature.

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