Raising the Driving Age to Eighteen


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At 16 years of age, it is very common the lack experience and practice when driving and this is a very important factor since without sufficient practice it should not be handled since without the necessary experience accidents can occur when reacting in any situation. For example, in source 1 “Teenage Driving Laws May Just Delay Deadly Crashes

by Anahad O’Connor” the author said “ While the rules vary by state, they generally set a minimum age for earning a driver’s permit or license and require a set number of supervised hours behind the wheel, and some prohibit driving with fellow teenagers, ban night driving or require at least six months of instruction before a driver’s test.” in this example, we can see the requirement to learn to drive correctly and get the experience necessary. Another example is in source 1 “Teenage Driving Laws May Just Delay Deadly Crashes by Anahad O’Connor” the author said “In other words, while having adult supervision in the car reduces risk, it also protects teenage drivers so much that they miss out on learning experiences that can be gleaned only by driving alone, like knowing what it means to be fully responsible for a vehicle and knowing how to “self-regulate.” This evidence highlights the importance of having the right experience to drive responsibly. Nonetheless, other sources think that your experience does not go with your age, what I mean is that no matter how old you are you can acquire the necessary experience to drive responsibly. For example, in source 2 the author said “Linnea Greci sees the issue a little differently. Then again, she’s 15. ‘I don’t think it matters what age you are, as long as you have the practice and experience.’ In this evidence, you can clearly see how this person thinks specifically that the level of experience you can obtain is not according to your age. However, I consider that the development of your maturity and your brain depends a lot on your age, but that does not define your ability to do things.

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To conclude driving is a very big responsibility regardless of your age, but the younger you are the more responsibility and risks you run and for this reason, I consider that the minimization of driving age should be increased, this way many teenage accidents are prevented and they are allowed to prepare properly and obtain the necessary experience to drive. Although other people think that age is not a problem to drive and should not increase the minimization of driving I consider it a very large risk therefore if it should be done 

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