Ralph Waldo Emersons Understanding of Nature

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 Ralph Waldo Emersons Nature was written in 1836. Things that are related to nature are fascinating, after reading the introduction and understanding the concept I knew that this was the classic I wanted to read. Whenever I go hiking, I like to just think about nature and I ultimately become captivated by its beauty, and the peace that it brings me to only sit there and take it all in. The literature is about Emerson’s views about nature and its beauty can only be understood by a man when he is insolitude. The thematic structure of Nature explores the harmony between the natural world and humanity.

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In the literature Nature, Emerson says that one cannot fully realize the significance of nature until one is in complete solitude with it. According to Rashmi Baid, “In order to develop deep connection with nature, it is essential to see nature through the eyes of a child” ( As a kid, whenever I played outside I didn’t think of anything else but what was in front of me – I loved to explore my surroundings and take in the beauty of nature, everything fascinated me. Even now,

as an adult, whenever I go out for a hike or even only to photograph nature – I am captivated by the simplest of things, like how a flower can so delicately sit atop its stem and present such simplistic beauty. As a kid, and more so now, just being outside and looking at the beauty that is nature is something so blissful.

Symbols used in Nature underline much more than nature itself, but it is the form in which to underline the reality of everything. As said by Angela Shaw, “observing one part of creation should allow the perceiver to come to a better understanding of other parts of creation as well” ( Nature is more than just plants and water, understanding nature is based on understanding all of creation – it is an important source of knowledge that one cannot understand unless one submits themselves into solitude. 

Emerson has given me a much deeper understanding of how significant nature is in my life. It’s more than just admiring the beauty of it, understanding nature is to understand myself – to understand everything. I will no longer go out to simply photograph or gaze, but to captivate the beauty and try to understand creation more as I grow with nature alongside me.

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