Ramsey Will Leave Arsenal in January, Here Are My Views for Him

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Absolute legend. Would be sad to see him go. May I remind everyone he was our player of the year last year, and deservedly so. Give the man respect, as he’s respected our club for so long. Really one of our best players he helped us win so many cups and matches over his time with Arsenal. He is our most consistent midfielder.

Hope Ramsey really had a deep thought about this decision, he's got a place at starting line up and emery still trusting him, he had to see what happen to Sanchez when he left Arsenal on January, and Jack Wilshere when he left for free, they don't perform well... Ramsey is not on his best performance yet and if he left Arsenal, I'm sure it's just like another failure stories. He is a good player, reliable although he tries fancy stuff at the wrong place. I've always rated him and impress with his effort. Unfortunately, he and Ozil occupy the same spot best. Aaron is a quality player who’s been a loyal servant to the club for years, would love to see him stay. But if he has to go, we could’ve sold him for more money in the summer? Similar to the Sánchez saga, trying to get another season out of a player but sacrificing a huge amount of money. Hopefully, something can be worked out to either keep him on or sell him in January.I think Unai Emery has seen something we haven't. Same like with Wilshere. A lot of fans were upset that he let Jack go but now jack is injured again and let's be honest, he's past his best.

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I think Emery has watched Ramsey closely since Preseason and has probably decided that Ramsey isn't good enough. But if Ramsey doesn’t want to play for us then I have no problem with him going, IMO, I reckon we should swap him for a winger like Bailey or Sanchez?

He has everything you want in number 8 but he’s clumsy. Sad to see him go he’s been at the club for a long time and we’ve seen his potential but arsenal will be fine with or without him. Of course, would need a proper replacement hopefully a young world class player. Slide Ozil to the 10 and sign James? Bailey? Zaha? Pulisic? Dybala? Plenty of players out there. We have no other choice now. Sell him in January get some bucks and buy good players to replace him.We have no other choice now. Sell him in January get some bucks and buy good players to replace him. Great memories indeed but we are now moving in a new direction and need more efficient players. He is a good player but definitely not one of the best we had. If he goes, he will remain in our hearts for all those great memories we shared.

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