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Rashes in babies: how to fight them

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The rashes in babies are transient eruptions that make the skin look inflamed and with a reddish color. It is a frequent symptom that usually causes concern among parents, although in most cases they do not represent something serious. Sometimes they are seen in the form of small pimples or hives, similar to those that occur due to dermatitis or erythema. They are more frequent shortly after delivery, since the skin of the newborn begins a process of adaptation to the environment . However, it should not be overlooked that sometimes they are the symptom of food intolerances or diseases of greater care.

Therefore, if they are recurrent or if they contain pus or another serious sign, it is best to go to the doctor to determine what they owe . But before turning on the alerts, we invite you to review some of its frequent causes and several strategies to control it at home. Take note! Causes of rashes in babies There are many factors that can affect the appearance of rashes in babies. Although it is sometimes caused by a skin disease, most cases are mild, due to a reaction of the body to allergens or lack of nutrients . Its possible triggers are: Use of garments with synthetic materials Contact with chemical products such as soaps, perfumes and shampoo Exposure of the skin to the chlorine of the pools Excessive heat Rubbing with the material of the diapers Premature introduction of food in the baby’s diet Lack of some nutrients Food intolerances Irritation, anger or anxiety Symptoms of rashes in babies Small rashes in various regions of the body are the most obvious signs of rashes in babies. However, other symptoms can sometimes be observed: Dry, reddened skin Itching and peeling skin Blisters or small snuffles Thicker skin (in case of dermatitis) Warm skin to the touch or moderate fever Tips to fight rashes in babies In most cases it is not necessary to go to the pediatric emergency room for rashes in babies. In fact, it is possible to easily notice rashes on the baby’s skin and not observe other symptoms.

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If it is a mild case, the application of the following tips can help control it. Use pediatric creams or powders In the pharmacy you can buy topical creams and pediatric powders that help reduce snoring and redness caused by rashes. It is important to ask the pharmacist if it is safe to use them in newborns . Also, we must do a localized test before to rule out side reactions. Put on cotton clothes Baby clothes made of synthetic materials can cause skin allergies. Therefore, to control their symptoms, it is best to put cotton or other natural fabrics . The clothes made with these materials are more breathable and prevent it from suffocating due to the heat. Avoid disposable diapers The materials with which they make disposable diapers are responsible for conditions such as dermatitis. Since they rub against the skin and accumulate moisture, they cause redness and itching.

To avoid them you can use ecological options such as classic cloth diapers. Baths with warm water Sometimes rashes in babies are accompanied by obvious discomfort, such as restlessness or crying. If this is the case, a bath with warm water and neutral soap can be beneficial. This allows the child to refresh to soothe the sensation of heat and itching . Breast-feed Postures to breastfeed the baby. Maternal food is essential to strengthen the baby’s immune system. Therefore, when it is not provided during the first six months of life, the child is more vulnerable to having allergies , skin conditions and infections . Apply chamomile water One of the traditional remedies to reduce rashes in babies is chamomile water. Due to its anti-inflammatory and refreshing properties, this tonic decreases rashes. Ideally, apply it with a clean, soft cloth over the affected areas. Avoid tense environments Although many parents overlook it, babies suffer effects from tense family environments. In fact, those symptoms on your skin can be the result of the stress and anxiety that these situations cause you. Do you see any signs of a rash on your baby? Follow all these tips and avoid other discomforts. However, if you notice it restless or if its temperature increases, consult the doctor.


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