Racism in the United States

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Today, racism is alive and continues through both hidden and hidden ways. Delgado stressed that “racism can be defined as a classification of a particular group of people based on uncontrolled factors such as ethnicity, religion and physical characteristics.” Therefore, sadly knowing the reality of developed countries like the United States, the rank of number one in terms of economic and political power is still struggling with this social problem. Logically, racism can not exist in the 21st century. Everyone should be blamed for racial violence. The first is the leader. Leaders, and especially the majority, have seen racial discrimination events, but have put little or no effort to abolish or curb racism. Leaders are in a better position to initiate laws that restrict racism and ensure that these laws are effectively enforced. However, they have shown little concern for racism. Leaders of the black population are few and therefore can not reach to reject such a law as they are closed before they become reality.

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Also to be blamed is a citizen. White people have been in power since youth. On the contrary, blacks have taken the law in their hands and formed a gang of responsibilities that commit racial-oriented crime against white people thereby strengthening racial solidarity. Police should be blamed for the profile of minorities, racial-motivated murders, and atrocities. The Court shall be blamed for failure to enforce existing laws by imprisoning minorities without conclusive evidence and also dismissing cases brought by minorities without due consideration.

The last one is a parent. Children learn from their parents at a very young age. In a place where racism is contagious, this trend of hatred is passed from generation to generation and it starts at home. When children learn that their parents are discriminating and hate other races, they take it as a good thing to do. Parents’ insulting statements make targeting other races in front of their children are very effective in maintaining the same trends among their children. Thus, children retain the same in other social places such as schools as well as groups of members of the same race to spread the trend of hatred towards the target race effectively. When these children become adults, they spread the same inclination to their children and thus racism continues to occur in society and is a very deep-rooted social problem that is difficult to eliminate.

In conclusion, the issue of racism is a highly opposed issue in the United States. It is evident in some circumstances and everyone has to blame it. However, there are several ways in which racism can be eliminated such as giving full support to anti-fascist organizations that help educate people on the importance of abolishing racial tensions. The second way to get rid of racism is to educate children on how to embrace cultural and religious differences at a young age. The third is to support pro-immigration movements aimed at increasing tolerance to different people. All of these are as discussed in detail in the above essays.

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