Reading a Book Or Watching a Movie: Different Imagination Experiences

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Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Reading or Watching: Multiple Perspectives
  • Imaginative Interpretations: A Book or a Movie
  • Impact of Reading on Our Vocabulary
  • Book vs Movie: Preference for the Written Word
  • Conclusion


Movies are not always what one may expect them to be. This is often the case with movies based on books. The majority of movie adaptations are not as specific as their book counterparts (Ginter, 2016). Certain movies may contain rushed story lines or add unnecessary details (Darkins, 2017). Movies may also leave out certain plotlines and details (Darkins, 2017). Many times, these necessities are often cut for time or because of budget issues (Ginter, 2016). Thus, altering the author’s original story (Ginter, 2016). What is the better way to spend your free time - reading a book or watching a movie? Books are superior to their movie counterparts because they allow the individual into a more detailed perspective, an increased imagination, and a probability of vocabulary improvement.

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Reading or Watching: Multiple Perspectives

By reading books, an individual can experience several sides of the story through detailed accounts of each point of view. A movie, on the other hand, is limited to how many perspectives it can show. In fact, the reader may experience reading into the minds of multiple characters in a storyline. Detailed descriptions provided by the author may also help the reader to imagine the events in the story to a greater degree (Ginter, 2016). Whereas, movies may not include every detail contained within the book (Darkins, 2017). Examples of details may include: settings, the characters’ appearances, the characters’ personalities, and the characters’ inner thoughts. Descriptions in a story provides the readers with awareness and piques their curiosity. It provides the individual with a greater understanding of the story rather than simplifying it like a movie would. Details can expand your mind to think inquisitively, ideationaly, and creatively (Ugulini, 2019). Hence, these factors may permit the reader to enrich his or her perception of a story’s depth.

Imaginative Interpretations: A Book or a Movie

Books allow readers to imagine what they may think the characters and settings look like via their own interpretations. Many times the reader may imagine characters to carry a distinct appearance; whereas, the chosen actors set to play these characters in a movie may disappoint fans of the book (Darkins, 2017). Furthermore, depending on the actors, they may also do a poor job portraying the specific character, as well. By using imagination, the reader can choose the voices of each character and even the background music, if one so desires. Books can also give the reader total control over the pace of the story (Ginter, 2016). Should the reader find a certain line or event intriguing, it is his or her choice to ponder upon it and read it as many times as they wish. Reading can also inspire individuals to create their own unique stories at some point. Using one’s imagination helps the reader to expand his or her mind in all kinds of creative ways (Ugulini, 2019).

Impact of Reading on Our Vocabulary

Reading also broadens the reader’s vocabulary. There is outstanding evidence that proves reading improves one’s vocabulary. According to a study performed in children from kindergarten through tenth grade, reading improves their vocabulary if the children had not been previously familiar with the words beforehand (Duff, 2015). There is evidence to suggest that a child’s vocabulary improves and become more prominent by third grade (Duff, 2015). The third graders showed a 95% increase in their vocabulary skills due to reading, compared to earlier elementary grades (Duff, 2016). As the children continued reading, they were able to define new words, as well (Duff, 2016). Another study was done among people of diverse financial backgrounds. According to this study, readers who were “rich,” expanded their vocabulary skills and became “richer” (Duff, 2015). Readers who were “poor,” and were able to live a better life financially than they had previously because of their vocabulary improvement (Duff, 2015). Thus, reading is important for advancing one’s vocabulary skills and potentially enriching areas of his or her life.

Book vs Movie: Preference for the Written Word

Some may argue that the movie adaptations are better than books because watching movies is much easier to do than reading. Although this may be true, it does not necessarily mean that the movie is better than the original story. In fact, 74% of people gave books higher ratings than their movie counterparts (Swanson, 2016). According to a survey conducted on, 77% of individuals preferred the book over the related movie adaptation (Palmer, 2012). Clearly, individuals preferred the book over the movie in most situations. If one could increase his or her imagination, vocabulary, and intelligence by reading, why should any individual deprive himself or herself of such a beneficial source? The facts should speak for themselves.


In conclusion, books are useful in growing an individual’s imagination and vocabulary. There are often many details in books that are often overlooked when making a movie, thus, proving that movies often provide a more simplistic version of the story. Reading allows the individual the convenience to dive into the story at any time. Therefore, preparing the reader to deeply feel a range of emotions such as: happiness, sadness, anger, etc. The possibilities are numerous providing that stories have the potential to capture its readers at many levels. Which also includes the book’s attentiveness to details, imagination, and its possibility of expanding the readers’ vocabulary.

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