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"Reading, Heroes, and Me" Reflection

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I have been always fascinated with the ideology of heroes. What are the characteristics of a hero? What is the definition of a hero? Does a hero come from the same species as humans do? In my knowledge, I have always considered a hero to be the individual who does an extreme unique thing that regular human beings are unable to do. As an adult I do not have heroes rather I have role models because to the whole concept of a hero seems juvenile. When I was younger I loved watching super hero movies and I had dreams of becoming a soccer star like my favorite childhood show, Captain Majed.

Captain Majed is a Japanese anime translated to the Arabic language that tells a story of a youth soccer (football) team. The cartoon shows and mainly focuses on the character of the captain of the team who helps his team to win the state champion league. The series was named after the leader of the team, Captain Majed. When I was a child, I always made sure to watch at least one episode after school. Captain Majed was a hero to me. The show grows the love and passion of soccer deep inside me. After watching an episode, I usually picked up my soccer ball and my cleat and start kicking the ball around and play with my childhood friends. I would even try to copy some of the tricks he did in the show. Captain Majed was the main reason I chose soccer instead of any others sports to play. For the reason Captain Majed was my hero, I have always wanted to become a professional soccer player and make it as my only career in life. Unfortunately, my dream was crushed when I was expelled from my high school team in my sophomore year because I was caught smoking cigarettes.

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Today as an adult, I have so many role models in my life. One of my most important role models is Royal Highness princes Saud bin Faial bin Abdul-Aziz Al Saud. Who is known as Saud Al-Faisal. He is the world’s longest serving foreign minister who served and was the face of Saudi Arabia in the foreign forums. Saud Al-Faisal is role model to me because of his play aspect of maintaining Saudi Arabia’s regional influence and alliance throughout the four decades he was in charge.


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