Reading is Boring: Just a Misunderstanding

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When hearing the word reading, teenagers whine and complain, viewing it as a drudgery no one likes. However, to bookworms it’s the exact opposite, joy is no more than the smell of books and the excitement it brings. American academic and past Havard president Charles William Elliot once said: “books are the quietest and most constant of friends”, taking you on an adventure. They are “the most accessible and wisest of counselors”, helping you to relax. Last but not least, “and the most patient of teachers” giving you life long lessons. While we all know reading is beneficial for you, many don’t know that the fact it’s boring is just a misunderstanding. Firstly, instead of constantly buying plane tickets, choose the adventure books take you on. Books introduce you to a variety of different people, places, and things in a matter of a few pages. From the towns of Summer’s End to a school of witchcraft, they take you everywhere and anywhere! As cliche as it sounds, adventure can also be the little things in life which people usually forget about, this is what books have taught me. For example, aren’t birches turning golden also something to appreciate? Your brain is also taken on an adventure of imagination and creativity as you translate the words into images, ideas, and more in your head. Some theorist believes this is a way to exercise your right brain.

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Secondly, everyone faces stress and it can cause harmful damages to your health, but did you know that reading is the best method to cope with it? Research conducted by the University of Sussex in England shows: among all traditional relaxation methods such as listening to music, reading is the best one, reducing one’s stress up to 68%! Similar to meditation where your mind is in concentration, reading relaxes your body by lowering your heart rate and easing your muscles. This does apply to me, I always use reading to calm myself down from all the projects and tests, it feels as if I’m in this Zen state. This brings me to the next point, it helps you escape from all of your worries to a world of words. This way, you have the time to heal and rejuvenate for the future. Finally, even though reading is a great way to improve your literacy skills, there’s much more to learn and take away for a lifetime. In other words, reading builds up to values. When you read about someone else’s experience, you can always take what they learned in the story and apply it to your own life if needed. This summer I read a book called Bitter Chocolate by Mirjam Pressler, it’s about a girl with an eating disorder struggling with confidence.

Through meeting the love of her life, she realizes she doesn’t need to hate herself. Inspired by her, I decided to be more open at volunteering and making friends was never this easy for me. Moreover, relating your life to the story can make you understand people and different situations better. For example, a teacher might find out that the troublemaker in his or her class is influenced by bad parenting after reading Charles. Also, reading contributes to other important characteristics such as self-esteem and more. One evidence is the Scholastic Canada report, it states that 90% of children who read feel accomplished which leads to higher self-esteem. In conclusion, reading can actually be fun instead of boring once you dive right in. Books provide a thrilling experience no matter big or small. They help you to relieve stress better and faster than any other method. Reading also makes you a better person by building up to your morals and expanding your view. Reading is one of the best habits a person can develop, its benefits extend beyond the pages into your life, those who disagree are missing out.


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