Reason for Distinct Differences Between the Sexes & Their Ability to Live Ideal & Rounded Lives

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Due to the economic practices and societal standards of our current time, it is impossible to maintain a happy life enriched with a healthy balance of everything one wishes to do, especially as a woman. Referring to this level of attainment as “having it all,” Anne-Marie Slaughter, a very successful woman within the foreign-policy branch of the government, relays experiences from both her own life and from the lives of other similarly high-ranked women whose acquaintances she has made in her years as a high-up person in the government. Time and time again, Slaughter found her own difficulties of juggling the raising of a family while maintaining the level of commitment required her from her career shared by other women in similar positions.

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Women in particular cannot, in this present time, “have it all” because women in particular struggle to “have it all,” often finding it difficult to reconcile the expectations of motherhood with career-related pressures. At least at the same time Slaughter clarifies, such a feat is reserved purely for superwomen.Slaughter argues the reason for such distinct differences between the sexes and their ability to live ideal and rounded lives is the way women have been treated and how society has molded them into what they are now. From the continued denial of equal votes pre-1920 to the birth of the kitchen-bound homemaker in the 1950s, women have consistently been viewed as inferior to men.

Although ending by saying why does Slaughter focus so heavily on what is applicable only to her? There is a very slim margin of women who do want such high-status and pressure jobs and fewer still who attain it so why generalize an entire half of the population based solely on her own limited/ unique/rare experience.

With the continual acceptance and normalization of LGBTQ people, will this struggle of balancing family and work move more onto their shoulders and resultantly off of straight women? There is a certain undisputed fact that it is immensely difficult, nigh impossible, in fact, to maintain a healthy, happy life while simultaneously balancing family and careers. This difficulty is doubly impacted by high-leveled jobs. The professions that demand weighty decisions that affect many. Such decisions and consequences require time and are stressful, something families share. Why does Slaughter directly link being successful to having it all? Many would disagree in that their idea of living a successful life is simply being able to appreciate what they have. Why do you need a crazy government powerful job to be.

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