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Reason for the Popularity of Reality Tv Among Viewers

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Reality Television

We all like to watch reality show on television. Sometime because their favorite film star or sing come in that show as a host or as a judge; or show is interesting and funny; also because people watch it, so they can talk about it with friends and family.

More than 50% of reality show is depended on their host and judges. The way they perform on show always attracts people’s attention , and that’s why they are the most important part of the reality television. Also if the host or judges are very popular film star or singer, then people like to watch theme. Also if the host or judges are very popular film star or singer then more people want to participate in that show so they can meet theme, and make their dream come true. Sometimes film star or sings come on the stage to sing or dance and people get to watch their live performance and so that’s why people like to watch that reality television.

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Most of the reality televisions get people attention because they are funny and interesting and it has lots of drama and conflict. Some reality show finds new talent in singing or dancing which get people’s attention because people also like those things. Some reality show like “America got talent” attract people’s attention a lot because people in that show do anything to make people happy and to entertain people who are watching it. Also some reality show likes “deal or No Deal” help people financially, and so people like to watch it and know what other people have earn and how it help theme. Whenever in reality television, people get in conflict, some viewers find it funny or interesting and that’s also one more reason why people watched reality shows.

Reality television sometimes become a topic of your conversation, for example people watch it and next day they gossip with their friends about what happen on that show, or people get in the conversation about which show is batter or which part of the show was funny or boring. Reality television bring more social conversation topic in people’s life, people always use to talk about their favorite reality television with their friends and family. Whenever people saw someone getting in fight in reality show, people watched that part of the show and next day they talk with their friends about how and why they were fighting and they both (person and his friend ) find it funny.

There for people find Reality Television attractive, because host or judge is very popular film star, director, producer or singer; also it is interesting because it has lots of drama and conflict; and people watched it so they can talk about it with others and make topics for conversation.


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