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Reasons for Buying a House

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Reasons for buying a house

Many people, including the middle class, aspire to become homeowners. Although the reasons for buying are many, the future owner will decide whether to rent the house or live there. Other individuals carry out this operation for investment purposes: after a redevelopment, the house is often resold more expensive according to the price of real estate reveals the website advertisements for the purchase of a property.

House. Buy a house to live in or rent?

You can occupy a house on an ad hoc basis (second home) or primarily. The latter option is often mandatory when state aid, or housing assistance schemes such as ELPs or the zero plus loan , have contributed to the financing of the purchase. The future owner of the house may also decide to make it his principal residence for tax reasons, such as tax credits. Finally, the purchase decision is sometimes taken after a crush for a house for sale, as on , especially due to financial constraints, or for family or professional reasons.Regarding the choice of a second home, it is mainly due to the desire to regularly spend his holidays in a specific place or to retire there. Those who opt for a purchase for rental purposes are usually already owners or they have a right to housing such as the provision of a residence of function, or housing allowances.

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In this case, the purchase is mainly made in anticipation of retirement or simply compensate for a possible disappearance of these small financial benefits. In the meantime, the rent collected will be a supplement to income and in some cases it is used to repay a credit, often real estate, or to be placed in savings.What are the advantages and disadvantages of renting and occupying the house purchased?Being the owner of your main home makes you feel “at home”: you are free to choose the decoration, to embark on a redevelopment and work … etc. And then, we get rid of the fear inherent in the status of tenant not to see his renewed lease, once it has come to term. Moreover, in the long term, this operation participates in the preparation of the retirement characterized by a decline in revenues mentions the real estate.

Choosing to rent is more about financial than psychological concerns. It is not by chance that we speak of rental investment. Money recovered from your rented house or apartment rental heremay, in the medium or long term, set up an investment fund to launch a business or serve as a personal contribution to a new real estate purchase. However, to optimize the operation, precautions must be taken: ensure that the location of the house attracts, calculate the costs of renting, study the profitability of the project in relation to the contribution and duration of repayment of credit, develop and furnish his house to please buyers with the installation of an electric heating, for example … The rigor is therefore required if we want the rental pays.


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