Reasons Motivating Me To Apply For A Master’s Program In Electric Power Engineering

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I have completed my Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Simon Fraser University, and I have also gained a valuable professional experience which opened my eyes to other possibilities. A couple of reasons motivate me to apply for a Master’s program in Electric Power Engineering.

First of all, I have come across the adventures of engineers, scientists, and researchers to build and develop smart solutions that result in reduction of energy costs with higher efficiency. Moreover, With the optimization advancements of Electric Power Systems, it impresses me a lot and therefore motivates me to pursue my postgraduate study in Electric Power Engineering and related study area. Additionally, I have always had a passion for science and technology, and therefore a master degree in Electric Power Engineering seems perfect to me in order to expand my horizons and broaden my knowledge. My ultimate lifetime goal is not only to be capable of providing electrical engineering expertise to clients but also become one of the most successful consulting engineers that organize project logistics and execute technical solutions.

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However, my goals for the next few years include starting a software development freelance business, and therefore, I will need to work out to improve my knowledge and experience with programming languages and editing softwares. And my goals for the ongoing academic year in order to get the most of studying is to attend all lectures, organize myself properly, and work on assignments and projects ahead of time. I was surprised with the education system at KTH, which is different from many other universities. Usually, professors provide textbooks as official literatures for the contents of their courses; however, it seems to me that KTH professors provide their own books, compendium, to their students.

I tend to believe that the compendium, which has evolved for several years, may be more beneficial to the students. In addition, an academic year in educational institutions is normally divided into two semesters while it is split into four periods at KTH, and this created some confusion in regards to course registration. It is worth to point out that KTH is an outstanding university with a beautiful campus and location, and it is very diverse. Therefore, I will always get to meet and socialize with people from all over the world.

Moreover, I was pleasantly surprised with THS welcoming culture. It has given me an opportunity to explore the KTH campus and Stockholm Centrum.


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