Reasons of the Childhood Obesity in the USA

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The most epidemic health challenge among children in mostly every part of the world is childhood obesity. It develops when children – as a result of the endorsement of corrupting eating attitude at a younger age – gain a surplus of body fat compared to their body index (BMI), making them clinically unhealthy. Studies by various organizations, such as by the CDC appraise that this medical condition affects 20% of the school children in the USA, and 15% of the entire population. Numerous roots of this epidemic have been classified as major contributors to childhood obesity.

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The primary reason why childhood obesity is accelerating is the exaggerated consuming of unsound foods. A research in the United States details that most children take meals on foods that consist of excessive amounts of calories and sugars alongside with little or no feed stuff. Thus, excess calories and fat are wholly stored in their bodes, resulting them in obesity.

Secondly, there are no regulations in the food food industries, which leads to childhood obesity as well. Many manufacturers’ main goal is increasing their sales, rather than advocating the health of the costumers, and as they are manufacturing their foods stuff, it also leads to childhood obesity. Most of the schools in the USA have been drilled by these manufacturers, so they have filled this segment of the market with unhealthy foods, so it quickly became another issue.

Another segment that has been linked to childhood obesity is the influence of advertising companies. They use 2 billion dollars a year on average to promote foods to children. When youngsters watch television, they have been constantly barraged by commericials, advertising unhealthy foods full with calories, sugar and sodium. On top of that, these types of ads are aired daytime, between and during television programmes that children tend to watch, like cartoons. Therefore, children are subconsciously influencing their parents to purchase and consume such foods.

Another contributor in this topic is the lifestyle lacking physical exercises. In the early, mid 20th century more physical activites, such as sports, walking, hiking and playing in the nature used to be more enjoyed by children. However, since the outbreak of virtual activities. like computer games, the internet, chatting, television, and radios, a more inactive and a more dependant lifestyle appeared. Moreover, less children rides bicycles or just simply walk to their destinations, and they are less engaged to doing sports, therefore the possibility of childhood obesity rises.

Despite causes listed-above, numerous institutions have opposing views. According to fast food manufacturers and advertisers, there is no strong correlations between their functions and childhood obesity. In their opinion the absence of self-control and regulations in families, are the main contributors to childhood obesity. In this sense, in their point of view parents tend not to maintain control their children’s consumption of unhealthy foods, so the limits are set by the children, what is an obviously phenomenally irresponsible perception from the community. However, they claim that there are substances in such foods that are unhealthy.

All in all, numerous features in today’s socitety, that are listed above should be examined and accomplished, rather than be disputed about. In my opinion arguing about discipline and the freedom to consume whatever the person wants is not vital in this topic, because the manufacturers and the adverisers still have the responsibility of what the costumers are consuming.

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