Reasons of the Teenage Stress

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These days an average individual is facing challenges in his/her daily life due to the presence of technology, which has increased the pace of daily routine life. Technology has filled the world with stuff that is quite useful and otherwise. Compared to a couple of decades back, at present, an individual is faced with more challenges in his/her life. In the same way, teenagers are exposed to a lot of stress these days, which have multiple reasons.

There is a lot of teenage stress around that is due to many factors present in society as well as in our own selves. It is claimed to be a fact that the present generation of teenagers is considered more stressed than earlier generations. There are multiple reasons which account for teenage stress found in youngsters. One must realize, before judging anything about today’s teenagers, the fact that teenagers go through adolescence in which they have multiple thoughts and opinions about the world around them; some might want to socialize with their friends and others may not. Latter want to live a very un-social life by dwelling in their own selves figuring out alone what is happening in the outside world. This leads to stress as these individuals mostly do not share their opinion and problems with anyone nor with their family members. They hold up a lot of problems to themselves, believing that they can solve them alone but ending up with a lot of stress.

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One of the reasons for stress found in teenagers is their school life which can be hectic and frustrating. While considered to be mere studies, things just don’t end there as there is bullying going on in schools and there are extra-curricular activities as well where the individual may end up feeling a lot of stress. At the same time, life at home may also be quite stressful as there are disputes between families which might affect the individual’s mind and his/her academic performance. Another reason for teenage stress may be the pressure from the family to do well in studies or to study those subjects which their parents want them to study. For example, one may want to become a software engineer but his/her parents want him/her to become a doctor, which he/she may not have the skills or interest for anyway. Therefore, teenagers can easily be stressed out and this often occurs when they have to choose a field of study.

At times, the economics of the household plays a big role in pushing the teenager to choose a field of study which permits him/her to work in parallel. This is commonly seen when the teenager is the eldest sibling. At first, it may look easy to do a small job and study at the same time, but soon the individual also feels the work pressure building up. Simultaneously studies can be hard too and the individual feels the pressure to perform to secure some scholarship so that his/her own studies are not any burden to the family. All of this combined and the individual finds himself in a lot of stress.

In some cases individuals are successful and some fail badly, taking a lot of burden upon themselves and end up losing their focus upon things that might be bad for them and the family. It is found that teenagers start believing that failure is unacceptable, as compared to earlier times when failure was considered to be a part of learning. Teenagers are often seen suffering due to failure without looking at its positive side; there are people in the world who failed in school but became successful professionals. Take the example of Albert Einstein who failed in school but now he is known as one of the most intelligent people to have ever lived.

Arguably the most significant aspect of teenage stress is due to social media. Teenagers have changed their way of living and behaving in society due to the influence of the internet. They are forced to act differently due to peer pressure to look cool on social media as well as to adapt to the constantly changing trends there.

So one must agree that teenagers these days are under a lot of stress due to our society’s environment which includes pressure to do well in studies, meet family expectations and, most of all, social media dictating teens what trends to follow. The fact that their friends have a deep influence on them to be different from themselves completely messes them up. So teenagers should try their level best to act normal, be themselves and try to identify well-wishers among their “friends”. 

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