Reasons to Start School Later

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The school day should start later for certain purposes. As Elisabeth Freed once said, “Please, please think about our children. I’ve seen, firsthand, the toll early start times have had on my children. Mood swings, increase in illness, and chronic fatigue. My children are not staying up late watching T.V., or talking with friends via texting. They end up tossing and turning because they just can’t fall asleep.” The school day should start later because students will have more health benefits, students will be able to perform better in school, although the opposition believes it’s better to start early in the morning.

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When getting adequate sleep, there are many health benefits that are associated. Studies have been conducted and found that a lack of sleep has been linked with problems such as heart disease, heart attacks, diabetes, and obesity. Lower risk of injury is also linked with sleep. The Institute of Medicine estimates that one out of five car crashes are caused from a driver which is sleep deprived. As we know, many students drive to school now a days. Think of how many of the drivers are likely sleep deprived. That’s scary! All together that is 1 million car crashes a year just from drivers who are sleep deprived! Another study showed that a protein called C-reactive protein, which is linked with heart attack risk, is higher in people who get six or fewer hours of sleep a night.

Another benefit of sleep is better performance for school. While sleeping, the brain does a process called consolidation. Consolidation is a key step for remembering things learned when awake. For students, this is very important because in school, they take many tests, and usually only have around a week or so notice to study for it. This may not seem like a very difficult task for one class, but for students, this happens in many classes throughout their week, and it is a difficult to study for each and every class. With enough sleep, students can easily remember what they are doing in their classes, and overall this will lead to better performance for the students. Not only will this lead to better grades, but with more time students can study even more which will be really great for their grades.

The opposition believes that even if schools do start later, not much would change. As Morihei Ueshiba once said, “The purpose of training is to tighten up the slack, toughen the body, and polish the spirit.” Many believe that school starting times are fine, and think that they help students to toughen up and learn discipline. Many also believe that if schools were to start later, students wouldn’t use the time wisely, and just stay up later at night and end up the same before the times were adjusted. Another bad thing about starting schools later is less time after school. Many students are busy doing after school activities, which will just end even later in the day than they did before, and the students will not be gaining the benefit of schools starting later. Others also believe that even teachers may use this time incorrectly. Some teachers may use this time to assign extra homework which would lead to even more stress on the students. Overall, the opposition believes that students will not use the extra time correctly, and even the staff of the schools as well.

In conclusion, schools should start later because students will gain a lot of health benefits, students will be able to perform better in school, although the opposition believes that students do better with an early start. Even though the opposition did bring up cons of starting schools later, there are a majority of pros to starting school later. Overall schools should start later because of the many positive aspects.

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