Reasons We Should Abandon China's One Child Policy

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“Can we have more than one child or will we get in trouble?” Imagine having a family, and you can’t have as many kids as YOU want. A Chinese leader named Deng Xiaoping introduced the one-child policy, to curb faster growing population.The goal of the policy was to make sure that population growth did not win economic development and to ease environmental and natural resource challenges and imbalances caused by a quick growing population. The one child policy in china should be abandoned due to many reasons and causes.

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The one child policy caused many parents to give up their children for adoption or abandon them. Why would you want to abandon your own children? At least 336 million abortions and more than half a billion birth control procedures have been made under the name of the one-child policy (Moore). The cost of adoptions in China rose because of the one child policy. Unmarried women were not allowed to have children because of the new law given the choice to give the child up for adoption or to abort (Moore). The parents couldn’t even adopt other children if they already had a child because of the rules for the one-child policy. The state-controlled Science and Technology Research Institute stated, “the high number of abortions to a lack of proper sex education, citing that less than ten percent of couples regularly use condoms ” (Jones). The fact that you can’t even adopt kids is just pathetic because they do not have families—they could have a great new family and life, instead of living in an orphanage.

Gender imbalance was another reason why One-Child Policy in China should be banned. One of the worst effects that the One-Child Policy has had on China is that, since it was put in place, there has been a lot of discrimination against female infants and girls (zhou). Females have faced discrimination on many levels since the One-Child Policy was implemented. According to the World Health Organization, “there were 500 female suicides each day” (Zhou). In addition the gender ratio in China is 117.6 boys for every 100 girls born (Connett). Therefore there are more boys than girls—leading boys to be around more guys than girls. Also, when females are not properly registered, they cannot receive proper health care or education—getting free health care should be a right not a privilege and education should be provided for girls to! Since there isn’t enough girls too grow older, experts and policymakers are scared that as the boys reach adulthood, the relative scarcity of marriageable young women could result in an increase of crime and social instability (Powell). Gender imbalances just isn’t quite fair because both girls and boys get different treatment due to more boys than girls.

Two-Child policy was made in October, 2015—After the one-child policy, they solved it with a two-child policy. Regardless of having a two child policy it should still be banned. Families could ONLY have two kids if one of the parents was an only child. Which still isn’t fair—what are you supposed to do if neither of the parents were an only child? Therefore only ‘nearly one million’ couples applied to have a second child in 2014, less than half the expected number of 2 million per year (Zeng and Hesketh). Not only but also, the fertility level after the two-child policy will affect population growth, the proportion of elderly people, the workforce and economic development, the sex ratio, public health, health systems, and the environment (Haas).

China’s population is nearly 1.37 billion, its working-age population – defined as 15- to 64-year-olds – is actually dropping (Chin). Mary Gallagher, a politics professor at the University of Michigan, said: “[The government] now faces a colossal demographic cliff, as the working population shrinks and the ageing population rapidly expands (Myers et al.). A ‘two-child policy’ like the ‘one-child policy’ of population controls remains a powerful symbol of China’s efforts to control its people. As a result the two-child policy is just as bad as the one child policy because they still have many struggles.

The one child policy in china should be abandoned due to many reasons and causes. It caused many parents to give up their children for adoption or abandon them. It caused a gender imbalance. Then later on in the years they made a two-child policy, but it still wasn’t quite right.People should have as many kids as they want without having other people decide if they can keep the kid or not, whether they boost it up to a two-child policy or not. Families shouldn’t have to suffer with having kids because of a law! China should understand that, and allow its citizens to live as they choose, and to compete, to fail and to succeed on their own.

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