Reasons Why Abortions Should Be Legal Or Illegal

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Abortion is one of the most debatable and argued issues in our society, this is due to the mixed opinions of individuals. An abortion is 'the deliberate termination of a human pregnancy most often performed during the first twenty-eight weeks of pregnancy. 

There are many arguments regarding abortions mainly because some people believe that by having an abortion you are killing an innocent human being whereas others believe that women should have full control over their bodies. 

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Statistically, most abortions take place within the first 13 weeks of pregnancy, only 1.2% occur at or after 21 weeks. Many doctors believe that the baby's brain and nervous system has not developed until around 27 weeks so therefore the baby cannot experience pain during the termination. Abortions after 24 weeks are only carried out if there are exceptional circumstances and this depends on the culture of your county. 

Having a baby can be a difficult and challenging task this can be due to many factors particularly the time that a newborn child may require. Having a child for any individual is challenging and daunting especially for first-time parents. 

There are numerous reasons why individuals choose to have an abortion this can be because financially they are not in a position to provide for a newborn baby, the baby may have been unplanned and the individual may be underage and wish to continue participating in education or gaining their own life experience. At times there have been identified situations where women have been sexually abused and fallen pregnant, having a termination may be the easiest way to manage this situation. 

In my opinion, the quality of life the unborn child is going to be brought up in is very important, if the parent find general life difficult bringing a baby into the world can be difficult, there is also evidence to suggest that parent role modeling is key to provide a child with a positive outcome. If a child does not have positive role-modeling evidence suggests that their outcome in life may be jeopardized. 

Individuals supporting abortion would argue that the mother has the right to make an informed choice and has control over her own body. Choosing to abort is complicated and can be a difficult decision for individuals to make. Due to the stigma regarding abortion, this can affect individuals negatively about what decisions they make. Abortion is never often discussed, this is mainly due to the lack of undertaking regarding it. Many individuals have one opinion about abortion and it can be difficult to discuss termination with this particular group of individuals, which again makes it more challenging for women who have gone through this to talk about. Evidence would suggest that talking about such a difficult time would be a help in someone getting through this bus due to the lack of insight many women keep this to the self and go through this on their own.

Banning legal terminations would put women or girls at risk because individuals would seek illegal procedures which could potentially cause harm to their own health and not guarantee a successful termination. Illegal abortions can be very life-threatening as they often take place in unhygienic places this causes around 30,000 deaths a year “In countries where abortion remains unsafe, it is a leading cause of maternal mortality”.

I would argue strongly that each individual should have the choice regarding Abortion, many individuals know their own body and know whether they will be able to cope with a newborn baby. Many individuals that become pregnant have the capacity to make an informed decision regarding abortion and if they don’t then a decision can be made in their best interests considering all the above factors.   

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