Reasons Why Animal Bill of Rights Should Be Supported

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Today in our society no matter if you know it or not animals are constantly being treated poorly, neglected, and being put through painful experiments you’d never put yourself through. Sadly the most you’ll see is the commercials with sad music in the background playing a slideshow of injured animal while asking for just a couple pennies per month; The Animal Legal Defence Fund has started a petition to let all animals have a basic set of rights. I believe all sentient beings deserve basic rights therefore the animal bill of rights should be created.

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As sad as it is even if the Animal Legal Defense Funds animal bill of rights passed it can’t out right stop animal cruelty, experimentations, or animal deaths but just like we can’t stop the murder from happening but, it will significantly decrease the number of suffering animals go through. In a LA Times research article “A Change of Heart about Animals” (September 1, 2003), Jeremy Rifkin argues that many of the animals on the planet are more like us than we previously believed. Jeremy provides evidence from Purdue University that animals such as pigs often become depressed when isolated or denied playing time from others such as fellow pigs, and just like humans, their health starts to decline. When animals get abused it’s the same as humans the animal’s health will deteriorate they become sad, hopeless, seeking love and attention often left with permanent scars. If that happened to a loved one would you want to help them and seek punishment for the one who did horrible things to them? What’s the difference with an animal?

Some might say that animals aren’t intelligent and therefore animals don’t need their own rights but, if that’s the case then human babies and the mentally ill shouldn’t have rights either. Most animals are very intelligent such as dolphins, homing pigeons, elephants, etc the list goes on. Homing pigeons are able to fly 1000’s of miles and are able to come back to their original location without a doubt in their mind and “According to research by the University of Frankfurt, these pigeons have iron-containing structures in their beaks, which help them sense the Earth’s magnetic field independent of their motion and posture, and thus identify their geographical position.” If animals aren’t intelligent how is a mere pigeon able to do that when we need maps and GPS just to go a couple of miles down the road to try a new restaurant.

A common argument used to fight the animal bill of rights is that plants are alive and have pain as well. Plants are indeed alive but it has yet to be scientifically proven they have feelings of pain. Even if plants had nociceptors lions need to hunt for meat to live and we humans need to eat plants to live as well.

Another reason we need the animal bill of rights is with the human population growing at a faster rate than ever, we need more and more space to live so we destroy more nature so we can build more space to live. Deforestation is a big problem and is causing more animals to become extinct or near extinction as its getting rid of animals habitats, if we were to pass the animal bill of rights animals would get the right of wildlife to a natural habitat, ecologically sufficient to a normal existence and self-sustaining species population. With animals given that right they will be able to stop extinction for certain animals and fix the already broken ecosystem and habitats.

All sentient beings deserve the right to live worry-free of abuse, neglect, and forced experimentation; with the Animal Legal Defence Fund constantly pushing for the animal bill of rights to pass each day we will come closer to peace with animals where everyone animal alike can be safe. Now, what will you do? 

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