Reasons Why Child Labor Happens


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 “Why does child labor happen?” It happens because the parents do not have enough money to eat or because they can’t take care of them, so they sell their kids to do underage working. Or they work to help their families. It could also happen if the kids are not well educated. That’s the basic reason why it happens. It could also happen if the kids were kidnapped, or if the kids choose to do this but the manager kept the child or paid under the minimum wage.

The kids do have a choice, but still, they still would be in bad conditions, and when they leave they would get blacklisted if they had even one error. Some Kids enjoyed their jobs as it gave them money to use when they needed it, or to use for things they desired. The kids would then be poor because their boss would give them close to 20¢ a day. They also chose work out of school, people said it was because “School was boring and tiring” I said “*hmph* only sometimes it’s boring and it can still be fun”. So what’s your perspective, was the child labor helpful in some ways, or was it just a plain greed problem

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What’s bad and good about child labor

The things that are bad/hazardous about child labor are the Hazardous tools you could use like a chainsaw, or Mercury a chemical that is used to find gold. You could also have a bad environment that could catch fire or cave in. the people there also have effects on the children who are working, if they’re in a bad attitude they could whip kids who do anything that’s not doing it “the right way”. Or if the kids don’t want the job they could get blacklisted and not find work in some factories. There pay is a wowzer, normally a kid, who is 16-17, works for $9.86 an hour, which is the minimum wage in MN, but the child laborers only giving out about 20 cents to each kid a day, that’s just bad pay

Some good things that benefit kids from child labor are the job types as it gives them an idea of what’s to come next, or what they like to do. There is much the kids benefit from it, child labor mostly benefits the boss instead of the kids themselves because of the low wages, the horrible environments, abusiveness of the employs, and the chemicals the kids have to use.

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