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I strongly believe that I have shown my skills as an adolescent, a leader, a scholar, and a serviceman to be accepted into the National Honor Society.

I’m truly honored to apply for National Honor Society membership. I consider myself to have the legally to join the National Honor Society and to make this society proud of all the achievements I have accomplished thru throughout the years that I’ll be a member. I’m very optimistic of my future and the skill sets I have is beneficial for the society and more importantly to help others reach their goal with my leadership and communication. I have worked productively hard to be worthy of my teacher’s trust. Having determination, caring, sensitivity, energy, and an inspiring person. I consider myself I am having a great organization that can benefit me while being in the National Honor Society. I have helped my community by volunteering in the schools’ events: packaging and delivering food to people in need during Thanksgiving, helping for open house convincing parents and students to buy the sophomore shirts which was class of 2022, and helped some teachers with minor work like carrying books or papers around the school to deliver. I look forward to being able to help other people out and giving time to the community to embrace the great spirit we all have in all, also inspire other people to get involved with the community. The clubs I got on were Key club to organize a fundraiser for the school and teams of the school, also being on the sophomore board to organize the Homecoming dance. I went to SECME where I showed my leadership and communication skills to build the crafts to compete in a competition. All of this proves that I am a leader in my ability to show up for all team and school events and always have a positive attitude towards everything. I always try to encourage my friends to join me in the events that I involve myself in so they can give it a shot to see if they enjoy doing those activities. I was in the varsity swimming team in 9th which was a lot of work so the year after that I didn’t join since I was in a soccer team outside of school. When the fall season began, I joined the Soccer team. When being on the Soccer team I was on the field telling my teammates never to give up when we are losing or down by one goal, we need to stay positive and put our 110 percent in everything we do. Then when the season was over, Volleyball season began. Being on the Volleyball team was a different situation so I had to adapt to the change and cheer on and hype up my team to have the momentum of the game. For the two years that I’m in Forest Hill High School, I have been in the Soccer and Volleyball team two years in a row. My cumulative GPA for freshman and sophomore years, which I’m in right now, is 3.7. I take honor classes and a few AICE classes. As you can tell my schedule can be very packed with actives and the homework, I get from seven different teachers. I manage my time to do homework and do my sports, on top of that I do extracurricular.

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During my time I been in school, I have served many services to people. I have shown my skills in everyday life activities. It’s already an honor to be a candidate to join the National Honor Society and become a member. 

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