Reasons Why the U.S. Entered WW2

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Identification and Evaluation

My sources they inform us about some data that explains why the U.S has entered the war because they were not interested in entering the war in my first source the source explain how Japan was acting in the war and what they have done to the U.S and in my second source we can clearly see the people thoughts before the U.S enter the war and tell what was the outbreak that made the U.S enter the war.


World War II (1939-1945) began after Adolf Hitler, the leader of German Nazism, decreed the invasion of Poland by the German troops in 1939. The United States of America had not yet entered the war, but in 1941 the US President Franklin Roosevelt sent US Army troops to Europe. But what were the reasons for US entry into World War II? My main objective will be to clarify this issue.

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Japan, belonging to the Axis block, composed of Germany and Italy, started a policy of territorial expansion, its claims turned to Southeast Asia (where European colonial possessions were). In addition to territorial expansion, the Japanese aimed to dominate the exploitation of the region's mineral and plant resources, ie, raw materials such as oil, tin, rubber and rice.

Following the territorial expansion plan, the Japanese would only have to defeat the US Navy in the Pacific Ocean. To that end, in December 1941, the US-based Pearl Harbor base in Hawaii was attacked by surprise by the Japanese Air Force, this fact was marked in history as the suicide bombing of the Japanese kamikaze, a heterodox attack, where the Japanese pilots threw their aircraft against the US base. At the end of the attack, the venture carried out by the Japanese squadron took effect, Pearl Harbor was completely destroyed and Japan had 29 planes shot down.

Relations between the two countries were no longer well. Months before the attack, the United States imposed an oil supply embargo on Japan in response to Japan's expansionary policy in Asia. Even before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the US government knew that a war against Japan was only a matter of time. Remember that even before the United States officially entered the war, the US government was already supporting England, which was at war with Germany. What surprised was the choice of Pearl Harbor as the first place of attack.

From then on, US President Roosevelt sent US troops to fight in World War II, but this was not the only reason for US entry into the war. For a time, Roosevelt had diplomatic agreements with the English Prime Minister Winston Churchill; together they signed the document called the Atlantic Charter, the wording of which was contrary to Nazi-fascist ideology and totalitarian politics.

US entry was a major factor in the Allied victory (England, France, Russia), the Americans had a strong and organized army and enormous warlike capabilities. The first US victory during World War II took place at the Battle of Midway in 1942, defeating the Japanese navy.

In 1943, Roosevelt sent a large contingent of US troops to Africa, but specifically to Egypt, where they defeated German troops at the Battle of El Alamein. Another important US participation in World War II was the landing in Normandy (France), along with the allies overcoming the German army and the city of Paris returned to control of France, once dominated by the Germans.

In 1945 US troops ended the war using for the first time in history a nuclear weapon, the atomic bomb. The US bombed the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, leaving vast human and natural destruction with nuclear radioactivity, sealing a new phase in human history.

There were three B-29 bombers that took off from Guam on August 6, 1945. They put some cities on the list. Which I remembered Osaka and Nagoya were considering, but bad weather hurt a crew. The cities were very cloudy. In addition, as island anti-aircraft sirens rang quickly, they mobilized as anti-aircraft gun troops to position themselves.

There were a number of 'Secondary' facts so to speak, for on one side we had the United States, a democratic power seeking the defeat of Germany, on the other a Japan with an Empire with expansionist ideas. The Pacific War between Japan and the USA went on for several years, and as we know the Japanese preferred suicide to surrender, many reports of American soldiers say that in some attacks the Japanese came with cows and spears, no matter how much they lost the war, would not surrender. Several times the US Congress sent messages to the Japanese to surrender, but they always refused. Then the United States to force the Japanese surrender dropped these 2 bombs on Japan. And that plan worked out, some time later, in Tokyo, the already under-resourced Japanese navy and with the imminent American threat of invading Japan, announces its surrender. Thus being the last of the AXIS to surrender, thus ending World War II.


The most interesting thing about my ressearch was to know the real reasons about the entering of the U.S in the second world war and to know how the U.s impacted in the results of the second war, I think the most difficult part my IA was that my topic was too specific so I tried to explain more than the topic is about.

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