Reasons Why I Want to Work in the Medical Field Essay

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Reasons Why I Want to Work in The Healthcare Field

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I don’t think there was a specific moment when I decided I to work in the healthcare field. The decision built up over the years. Medicine was always on the top of my list. But I think high school was when I seriously started thinking of pursuing a career. I have always loved science, but it was in grade 10 or grade 11 that I started watching medical videos and started getting to know more about human anatomy and other aspects of the medical field. The more in-depth I studied, the more fascinated I was. That’s when I realized medicine would be the right path for me.

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As a child, I suffered from severe asthma. Due to that, I had to visit the hospital at least once almost every week. Watching the physician and all the other healthcare workers first sparked the idea in me of becoming a doctor.

There are a number of reasons why I chose healthcare as a career and why I want to work in the medical field. Firstly, I think a doctor can stand next to people at some of their most difficult moments in life. It’s incredible to be able to use medical knowledge to significantly improve the life of patients and genuinely make a difference in their lives. I believe there is nothing more rewarding and fulfilling than being able to help someone restore their health when they are at their most vulnerable.

I also really like the idea of lifelong learning. There will always be new research to keep up with, and I don’t see it ever getting boring. Moreover, I think it is wonderful to be involved very personally with people and work directly with them.

I witnessed critical illness within my family at a young age and felt pretty helpless at the time. I saw the work of doctors and how much they have contributed in saving the lives of many members of my family.

Also, looking back at all those moments, one of the main things I can recall is late diagnosis. They have ignored the symptoms and taken it very lightly. I think if there was anyone in the family who could have identified the symptoms, they might have had a chance of surviving.

I do understand that it is not going to be an easy task. Being a physician is going to be a very demanding and stressful career. It may be one of the most challenging careers to enter, but I think in the end it’ll definitely be worth it to be able to have an impact stones life and do what I actually am interested in.

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