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Paper has been around for more than 2000 years ever since people in China started using sheets made with cloth like materials to record text. 2000 years later paper still is the most commonly used medium of communication .However, the extensive and indiscriminate use of paper is causing widespread deforestation, pollution of air and water and biodiversity loss .Even though paper is recycled worldwide, yet 55% of paper used worldwide is produced newly every year by cutting down trees. Hence there is a need for a more sustainable solution which can satisfy our needs and at the same time preserve the environment.

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Nearly 4 billion or 35% of all trees on earth are cut down each year and used in paper and other related industries.

Statistics also show that on average a person in the United States uses around 340 kgs of paper every year. However, production of paper for commercial use not only takes a toll on trees .Around 10 liters of water is used to produce a single sheet of paper and consequently the pulp and paper industry is the single largest industrial consumer of water in Western countries.


RE-book is a reusable notebook whose contents can be erased by microwaving the book for 30 seconds. The book itself is engineered in such a way that it absorbs heat and dissipates it uniformly to all the pages in the book. Pilot’s FrixIon pens or any highlighter ink pen can be used to write as the ink in these pens is designed in such a way that it responds to heat by turning invisible. Once all the pages are used up, the book is to be placed in the microwave for 30 seconds along with a cup of water as the water controls the amount of heat absorbed by the book and regulates it so that the book does not overheat. The REbook is environment friendly and one REbook can be reused up to 50 times helping save 40,000 liters of water and approximately 48% of a full grown tree.

Benefits The REbook is a powerful green marketing tool for businesses looking to boost profitability while simultaneously being eco-friendly. The REbook helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint by cutting down on paper usage. It also promotes an image of corporate social responsibility and builds trust in prospects, customers and employees. Moreover, an eco-friendly product like REbook gives a great chance to connect with environmentally conscious consumers who strive to protect the planet. Also, widespread acceptance of climate change, oil dependency, and water scarcity has caused many consumers to look at the environmental impact of the business world. The current millennial generation is well aware and educated on the need to shift to more sustainable and environment friendly versions of everyday products and consequently the current market potential for eco-friendly products is over $40 billion dollars.


One of the main avenues to ensure continued sales and income would be to collaborate with schools and other educational institutions and encourage their students to use REbook for notetaking. This would also help the youth to slowly shift from conventional paper to REbook. REbook can also be licensed to large tech and print companies which would add value to the product and simultaneously help bring in more business and help make this notebook of the future a success.


The REbook is the next big eco-friendly product which makes consumers feel good while using it. It is also a fun to use due to its microwaveable feature. Although the book is pricier while compared to conventional books, REbook saves money long-term. The eco-friendly aspect of the product also incentivizes companies and organizations to use REbook and reduce their carbon footprint.

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