Receiving Support from Others Can Help You Achieve Success: Creating a Support System

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Table of Contents

  • Understanding Support Systems and Their Role in Success
  • The Power of Receiving Support and Interdependence
  • Balancing Interdependence and Independence
  • Strategies for Creating a Support System to Achieve Success

Understanding Support Systems and Their Role in Success

The first part of employing interdependence is to create a support system. Receiving support from others can help you achieve success and prosperity. But, how does one achieve that? In order to understand how to create a support system, we must first understand what interdependence is and why it is important to our success. The standard definition of interdependence given by Oxford is “the dependence of two or more people or things on each other”. Interdependence places a strong emphasis on mutually supportive relationships, while other types of relationships, such as dependent, codependent, and independent, place emphasis on individual support. This means that the giving and receiving aspects of other types of relationships are out of balance. So, why is it important that we develop interdependent relationships? Well, all of us make choices about the kinds of relationships we have with other people and these choices have a major impact on our success in college and beyond.

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The Power of Receiving Support and Interdependence

The power of interdependence is splendidly illustrated in a clip from the movie “Witness” (1985). Please pay attention to the attitude of the participants and how they work together in order to complete their goals. [Show clip] This scene shows the value of creating a team to help with a challenging goal, such as raising a barn. It also demonstrates how a sense of community within a group can lead to positive interdependence. This can be seen in the Amish community in the clip, as they are all working diligently yet they are still having fun and enjoying their work. Nevertheless, this should not be interpreted to see independence as a bad choice. There are certainly times in which independence is the best choice. The key to being successful with interdependence is to know when to be independent or interdependent. This comes with having a Creator mindset.

Balancing Interdependence and Independence

Creators know that life is often easier and more enjoyable when people collaborate. Creators are capable of being independent when it is the best choice, but they can also be interdependent when it is necessary, more effective, or simply more enjoyable. They use interdependence to maximize their results by seeking help from instructors, classmates, and advisors. Interdependence can help you stay on course and support your success. However, many students often choose independence over interdependence. This can be because they think asking for help makes others perceive them as weak or maybe they feel as they don’t deserve help. Whatever the case, these students fail to recognize when they need support and struggle to request help when needed. Fortunately, there are multiple strategies one can use to create a support system.

Strategies for Creating a Support System to Achieve Success

The first strategy you can use is to get help from your instructors. By building positive relationships with your instructors, you can enhance your future success. Your instructors have years of training and experience under their belt and you have already paid for their help with your tuition. All you have to do is ask. Find out your professor’s office hours and make an appointment to see them. It is important to be prepared with any questions or requests you might have. That way you ensure that you get the answers you need and have clear communication with your instructor. Instructors may also have many connections in their field of expertise. By building a positive relationship with them, you may find a mentor who will help you through college and beyond towards future success. Another strategy you can use is getting help from college resources. 

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