Recess Time: the Positive Effects of Physical Activity on Students

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The underlying contentious issue according to the author is recess. The relevance of school recess has been a contentious issue for various scholars. Undeniably, this is a topic that requires an in-depth analysis. This is particularly so because the benefits of recess have proven to be relative. However, this issue should be analyzed through the constraints of psycho-social environment of the learner. In doing so, the author has highlighted various arguments against and in support of the same. The article has highlighted that there is a particular need of weighing the pros and cons of the recess through psycho-social analysis.

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For the better of human history, recess has always been part and parcel of the education system. Recess was made popular by the English education system. The system propagated the need for “breaks” in between the morning and evening. Also, the system encouraged “breaks” in between “terms”. The notion behind these breaks were found to be valid (Pellegrini, 2008). The human body is an ecosystem that operates like a machine. Hence, it is logical to provide that system with time to reboot. According to the author, there have been various scientific studies conducted with an aim of proving this. One of such studies established that students perform better academically when they have undergone a recess.

However, there have been a significant input of critics on the subject. Critics argue that a child may absorb certain undesirable behaviors during the recess. The author argues that these behaviors are prompted by the socialization process. The critics are right to a certain degree. Psychologists have been robust in proving that the socialization process plays a critical role in influencing the identity of the self. The self in this context should be understood through the lenses of personality (Pellegrini, 2008). For instance, during the recess, teenagers may learn about early sex from their peers and older persons who live within their immediate environment. On the same note, the learners may learn about drug use at an early age during recess. The absorption of these behaviors happens outside the school environment. This environment is usually outside the control of the teachers. However, does the scrapping off the recess help in avoiding such a socialization process?

The answer to this question lies within a broader context of personality and identity development. The adoption of negative behaviors is also enhanced by the media. Students and learners waste a lot of time during recess. In other instances, there are learners who use it as an opportunity to widen their knowledge beyond the school premises. The undeniable fact is that recess is wastage of valuable learning opportunity and time. According to the author, the “no nonsense” school of thought assumes that recess is a waste of instructional time. This is particularly true. The author suggested that TV and other media forums may act to deter academic competency.

In conclusion, the essence of school recess will always remain to be a contentious issue. This is particularly so because the psycho-social environment has been made complex by the rise of social media use. This is irrespective of whether the child is in recess or not. At current technological age, social media use limiting has proven to be a challenge. This challenge has become common for adults, let alone young learners. Hence, as much education stakeholders may argue about the essence of school recess, external factors will always be at play. Even if parents were strict to a point that they fully control the child’s social circle, control of social media use will always prove to be an uphill task. The debate about recess should thus be redefined.

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