Recollection of Events of a Pizza Parlor Experience

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The Pizza Parlor

It was a Friday night in the middle of summer and a bunch of us decided to go for pizza. We decided to go to a well known pizza parlor near the house. When we arrived at the pizza place we noticed it was not too busy for a Friday night. We walked in and had our choice of where we wanted to sit. There was a group of waitresses sitting at a table in the middle of the parlor talking and drinking coffee. We decided to sit in the corner to have a little privacy.

Our waitress greeted us with menus and asked to take our beverage order. As we were filling our order my friend noticed a guy walk in that he was not on speaking terms with. Their eyes locked on each other with an angry look in their eyes. We told him to ignore him and enjoy the night with his friends and good food. Unfortunately, that was a lot harder than originally expected. We still managed to maintain ourselves as we sipped on our Pepsi s and awaited the arrival of our pepperoni and sausage pizza. We made small conversational talk while my friend and his nemesis continuously took brief glances in each other s direction. Just as the pizzas were being put on the table the guy came over and made a few rude comments about my friends sister. His sister was sixteen at the time and my friend was especially defensive about her at that age.

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Before we knew it, a fight broke out. Not just any fight, but an all out brawl. Our good pizza was on the floor along with my friend and the other guy, each of them continuously throwing punches at each other. As the waitresses started yelling and going hysterical, the general manager sneaked behind the counter and called the police department without anybody noticing. The few customers that were in the pizza parlor surrounded them both on the floor. As I made my way through the people, going to separate the two guys, another guy punched me in the face. Blood was every where. Until that specific moment at the pizza parlor, I was trying my hardest to stay out of it. And I would have if not for that man who threw a punch at me. Before I knew it the place was a free for all.

Dazed and confused, I looked to see who I was fighting with. It was a complete stranger. Thoughts ran through my mind as to why I was fighting with this guy. What is the point? Why aren t we acting like adults? That was when I realized that we were not adults yet. Adults shouldn t be acting like this, yet most of them do. I suddenly came out of a daze and got completely angry thinking of the situation we were in. As I was going to throw a punch someone grabbed me from behind. Just as I was going to turn around and throw a punch in that direction,I realized it was the police.

The police came in the pizza parlor and broke up the fight. People left with broken noses, broken knuckles and numerous bumps and bruises. Our night out started as a good time with my friends and some pizza. It ended with a night in jail and a question to myself as to what had just happened.

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