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Maritime electronics customer service plan includes to offer excellent and excellent customer care. To ensure customers receive polite and respectful treatment. To uphold questions about the quality of our services. To ensure our good and products responds to our customers’ choice as well as their needs. To make customer care the backbone of our work. To give our customers a greater voice in determining how they access our services while ensuring that we deliver efficiency and value of money. To ensure that our service staff use simple language that all customers can make of in both face to face and written communication. Lastly, to ensure our staff depicts positive attitude and have imminent desire to improve.

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A research by Patsula Media (2007), there are four major facts about customer service. First, the research found out that a typical business only hears four percent of its dissatisfied customers with the rest 96 percent quietly goes away and never come back. The study points out that of the 96 percent, about 5 percent leave after forming other friendships, 9 percent leave due to better competitive strategies by competitors, 14 percent leave due to product dissatisfaction, while 68 percent leave because they received indifference attitude from the owner, manger or some of the employees. Secondly, the research pointed out that a typical dissatisfied customer will share their experience with 8 to 10 people. Consequently, for a company to make up for one negative incident, it require twelve positive service incidents. Furthermore, if a business have low quality customer service, its return on sales average 1% and it loses market at the rate of 2% percent per year. However, if a business has high quality customer service, its return on sales average at 12% and it gains market share at the rate of about 6 percent per year while its products attract significantly higher prices. Lastly, the research found out that seventy percent of complaining customers will resume to doing business with the company if their complaints are resolved in their favor. If resolved on the spot, 95 percent will do business with the organization again. Moreover, on average, a business will spend six times more effort to attract new customers compared to keeping old ones. As such, customer loyalty in most cases is more valuable than a single purchase by ten times. The research covered numerous businesses including our organization. As such, it becomes inevitable for the company reevaluate and redesign its customer services.

Goals and Objectives

The company’s customer service goals and objectives include:

  1. Ensuring timely response to customers emails and customer calls.
  2. Providing civic education to customers about our products and services.
  3. Putting up solid mechanisms to identify customers problems and developing means to solve them
  4. Incorporating technology in our customer service provision.
  5. Aligning customer service with the company’s goals and objectives.

Customer Definition

The company will target five main customer groups. The first group will be tech-savvy customers who will comprise of 20 percent of the total market. Small and medium businesses geared towards digitizing their operations will be our target customers who will comprise 30 percent of the total market. Moreover, the company will target state governments to offer them technical services. State governments will comprise of 15 percent of the total market. The company will also target middle-income earners who are looking for a variety of electronic consumables that could offer them the best services at the least price. They will comprise 25 percent of the total market. Lastly, the company will target well establish cooperates to offer data and cloud services. The customers will comprise 10 percent of the total market share.

Customer feedback

To help come up with strategies that will help improve our customer services, the customer services conducted a study where customers did fill forms proposing on the areas of our customer services that needed improvements. 30 percent of the respondents pointed out that the company needed to improve on their employee’s attitude towards customers. 15 percent proposed that the company need to be proactive in responding to customer’s call and emails. 25 percent proposed that we needed to incorporate technology like use of electronic cards to hasten and ease our transactions procedure. Seventeen percent proposed that we needed to develop a better customer detection mechanism and imminent solution to their problems. Lastly, 13 percent of the respondents were of the view that the company needed to educate customers more on tis goods and services.

Gap Analysis

The company found four major gaps in the current customer service leading to the current changes. First, the company did not capture all of its customer’s complaints. Secondly, received new customers who would narrate how their friends had shared their bad experiences with them and they wished the same would not happen to them. As such, making the necessary changes in favor of appeasing the agitated customer would help win back their loyalty. Lastly, the company realized it was losing some of its market share to its competitors leading to the need for reevaluating our customer services.

Improvement Strategies

Strategy Action Plan

Communication with customers Setting specific telephone and customer interaction standards

Overhaul of hiring practice Changing hiring practices to ensure hired employees ethics are in line with the company’s ethics

Using technology to identify customer problems and solve them Making use of websites to collect customer complaints and using the platform to offer solution

Changing the company’s entrance outlook Making use of indoor landscaping to change the company environment thereby improving employees attitude

Communication Process

To communicate to the employees on the new customer plan, the company will take them to a retreat where they will be addressed by customer care consultants. Consequently, they will be able to appreciate the role that good customer care plays in the success of their businesses. Thereafter, the customer service manager will take them through the process. Moreover, the company will make use of wallcharts to remind the employees of the company’s objectives and their roles in ensuring excellent customer services.


Employees will undergo a three months training on how to better treat the customers. During the training, the main goal will to have the employees act like customers and suggest ways in how they would like to be treated. Then, they would use the new approach for exercise purposes. After the training, the employees will have nine months to fully implement the new approach after which the company will conduct its first evaluation on its success.


The company will require to use ten thousand dollars to procure all the services required to implement the plan. Such services will include web design services, automated response machines, and landscaping services. The costs are worth as paying given their successful implementation will see the company increase its return on sales by over six percent. Moreover, if the plan will be successful, the company will be poised to increase its market share to twenty percent in 5 years.


Key recommendations would be for the company to accept to bear the cost of implementing the plan as its success outweighs the risks. Moreover, the company should consider employing other employee motivation strategies such as profit sharing to improve their morale. The schedule should be strictly adhered to ensure the company remains within the set timelines and no one loses focus. Lastly, the company should ready itself to pay the cost of implementing the plan as it will enjoy the fruits alone if the plan turns out successful which is likely.

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