Recommendations on Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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Recommendations On Ways to Improve Customer Satisfaction

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  • Ambience
  • Improvement:
  • Space / Function Conditions
  • Improvement:
  • Visual Communication (Signs, Symbols and Artefacts)
  • Improvement:
  • Ensure employees are well-groomed and attend trainings
  • Launch a reward card for customers.
  • Designing an effective feedback system
  • Provide home delivery services for customers through a promo code

Analyze and critique the servicescape, with reference to their influence on perceptions of quality. Provide suggestions for improvement:

Customers often rely on physical evidence or tangible hints in order to evaluate a company or services provided before a purchase. Usual elements of physical evidence consist of the company’s servicescape and other forms of tangible communications. This servicescape elements which influenced customers includes the facility exterior layout (e.g. parking, landscape, surrounding environment) and interior design (e.g. layout, equipment, signage, music and lighting)

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There are three primary colours (blue, green and white) that Sheng Siong focuses on for its brand logo, plastic bags, shopping basket, TV advertisement and many more. The stores are generally cooling which makes it comfortable for consumers to go about their shopping. Similar to other supermarkets such as Cold Storage and NTUC, their wet goods and dry goods are divided into different sections.

Generally the store has good lightings, which enables shoppers to go through the items conveniently and the store plays background so that customers feel like they are at home.


Maintain cleanliness and well-organized layout. It is important for Sheng Siong to provide a comfortable and inviting ambiance to its customers. Ensure any spillage or dirt to be cleaned immediately. Installing air fresheners to keep the smell of various products at bay, so that customers comfortable shop.

Space / Function Conditions

Sheng Siong goes for simplicity in its layout and design. From a customer’s point of view, the design gives out the impression that their products are much more affordable and cheaper compared to its competitors. With products lined up in order, decorative aisle and many more, it gives a more extravagant feel to customers. Although it is nice to look at and be in, customers often think that their price point are relatively higher compared to Sheng Siong.


Many shoppers tend to complain about not being able to find the product or shelves that they want. Signage can be further elaborated and place at the front of the aisle especially for elderly who cannot really see well.

Visual Communication (Signs, Symbols and Artefacts)

Products are spread across the store and there are clear signage placed above the walkway of where items are located.


Putting proper, clearly marked signage across the store, can solve this problem. On-the-floor staff or assistants could also be designated to guide customers, if they seem lost.

Recommendations on ways to improve customer satisfaction / quality with minimal cost or tangible investments incurred.

Sheng Siong has a Facebook platform and website for customers who wants to submit any feedback pertaining to their services, products and any concerns that they may have. These are the standard channels, which all companies should have to get input from its consumers to improve on their services. We would also like to recommend ways that Sheng Siong could adopt to further improve customer’s satisfaction.

Ensure employees are well-groomed and attend trainings

Satisfied employees equals to satisfied customers. Employees are the face of the company, whatever they do, how they present themselves reflects the company as a whole hence all employees should be well groomed and be courteous to customers.

Employees should also be send for training to horn their skill set. Staff who are equipped with the right information, product knowledge and well trained have higher confidence and job satisfaction. They are aware of the thing they’re good at because they have been given the tools and knowledge needed to give customers the service they expects. That satisfaction and confidence will be clear to your customers.

Launch a reward card for customers.

This allows them to collect reward points for every purchase made. With the points they collected, they could stand a chance to win special prizes such as redemption points that can be used to redeem items at the supermarket.

Designing an effective feedback system

Self-service is often condemned for its lack of personal service, which includes enquiries and advice. They should have helpdesks and sales staff on the floor so that customers could seek advice on the products that they want to buy. Sheng Siong should have a counter where customers can exchange products, obtain refunds and file complaints more conveniently and do not need to wait to lodge it only when they are in front of the computer or their phone. It spends a lot of time handing out samples, advertising various products but management do not pay enough attention to what their customers have to say.

Another effective way of obtaining a feedback is also to include a survey before customers proceed with paying for their items. Through this method, the company will be able to get feedback from all customers on their shopping experience and if there are other things they want to include or can be improved.

Provide home delivery services for customers through a promo code

Sheng Siong could start offering home delivery for customers. Customers are getting busier everyday to spare time buying groceries; it will be a good method to provide an enhanced service and convenience. By creating a promo code, customers will tend to use this service and spread it through word of mouth that helps to market the brand.

Going the extra mile by assisting customers to load items into car

As the outlet has a huge parking space, many customers tend to drive to get their groceries. Staff can render assistance to load items into customer’s car. This will make customers feel like they are apart of the family and getting groceries will no longer feel like a chore.

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