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How Reconstruction of Constructivism Can Improve Our Society for the Better

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How unfairly life is? Living in a world where the sense of money and power leads its way to be the most essential and fundamental factors to define who you are. That every opportunity knocks only for those person with a golden spoon in their mouth. How about those persons who are capable enough but they didn’t had any chance to do it? because it is served for the ruling and first class families only. How about their influence that takes effect on the whole society, are they thinking the welfare of the other people or just for the sake of theirs? What would be the state of our lives if that practice continues? Will it be beneficial for all of us to develop and be more powerful state in a macro scale of perspective?

How it feels like to be an elite? Maybe if you were an elite you will enjoy all of the finest things in life without knowing how is life in the poverty line. What if they switch their world, are they going to survive on the state of living far differ from they used to? Well, apparently they don’t. This is one of the cons of being in lined with a ruling and first class families. It is so sad that elites would only care for the power and their selfishness towards changing the whole perspective in the whole society. Changing in a way were they are in favorable with and will benefit for all of the ruling class. They are apparently depriving the lower class families to do things that will help them develop as a whole and not just by blood line. The greediness of the ruling class rooted for their security to be able to sustain their needs and survive in this utilitarian world. One thing is for sure that it is in the human nature that we have the instinct to provide things we want to make us more happy and contented. What if all of the elites recalibrate their perspective towards power and wealth? Maybe constructivism will over rule all of the theories in international relations. Why? It is because we know to ourselves all of our wants and needs for us to be satisfied in life. The sense of equity in the race, gender and ethnicity will pave the way for us to be able to develop in our own extent and will surely furnished all the means for the overall development of every nation. Because, at the end of the day the main goal of every state to their sovereignty is to be a safe place to live in. The security and also the connections that will be made in international level for the better understanding of the culture and differences. The acceptance of the diversity of the world will open the door for identifying the interest of every state without the issue concerning of taking advantage of oneself from the other. The trust that we are building is a good sign for the overall cooperation of all state. By this, after knowing all of our differences we can come to a treaty where all of the concerns and issue will be raised. The transparency and equal benefit for all can result for a perpetual peace that we are longing for.

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The illogical and egocentric view of constructivism is building walls for all the individuals. Why are we going to limit ourselves in acquiring a great dignity because of some ruling class prohibits? The universe is open as wide to explore, so should you. Our limitations should not be dictated from some ruling families. The reconstruction of the constructivism is beneficial if we will balance all of the power pertaining the opportunities and rights given to every individual. Then the life that we are foreseeing as a free and equitable for all would be possible.


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