Red Bull: the Analysis of the Company

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Red Bull: The Analysis of the Company

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Table of Contents

  • History & Background
  • How the Idea Came Up
  • Slogan & Ingredients Used
  • Slogan
  • Mission & Vision
  • The Mission Statement of Red Bull
  • Goals & Objectives
  • "SWOT" Analysis
  • Strengths
  • Future Plans
  • Our Recommendations / Suggestions

History & Background

How the Idea Came Up

“KratingDaeng” used to be the first energy drink and used to be bought in Thailand, this power drink was overwhelmed by “Dietrich Mateschitz the Austrian entrepreneur”, takes the plan of the power drink and collectively with his companion Chaleo Yoovidhya they supported Red Bull with the style of western. Red Bull is offered in Long Blue-Silver cans.


Red Bull is an energy drink sold-out by Red Bull GmbH, an Austrian employer created in 1987. Red Bull has the absolute excellent market share of any energy drink in the planet, with 6.790 billion cans offered in a year. Dietrich Mateschitz established Red Bull in the middle 1980’s. He created the formulation of Red Bull Energy Drink and developed the special promotion concept of Red Bull in the market. In 1987, on April 1st, Red Bull Energy Drink used to be offered for the very 1st time in its home market Austria. Today Red Bull is supplied in 171 nations and over 75 billion cans of Red Bull are consumed up to now.

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Slogan & Ingredients Used


The Red Bull company slogan is ‘Red Bull gives you wings’. This statement explains that when one consumes Red bull it gives them the strength to perform a task where energy is required on a high basis. It’s mainly consumed by athletes or any sport person during coaching or during the match so that it increases the heart rate to give you that energy boost when you feel tired and drained and this helps you to do that particular sport for a long term without giving up.


The Ingredients used in Red Bull and Its Benefits:

  1. Sugar (sucrose): Energizes your body while you’re doing sports or workout.
  2. Taurine: Increases endurance.
  3. Caffeine: Improves response time and alertness.
  4. B Vitamins: Aids in lowering tiredness and fatigue.

Hence, Red Bull (Energy Drink) is designed to combat intellectual and physical fatigue.

Mission & Vision

The Mission Statement of Red Bull

According to Red Bull, “Their mission is to be the premier marketer and supplier of Red Bull in Asia, Europe, and other parts of the globe. They will achieve this mission by way of building long-term relationships with the people who can make it become a reality”.

This refers that Red Bull will expand their business in countries from which they can get high profits and work with the most talented and innovative young youths so that the enterprise runs well.


The vision statement focuses on 5 elements of their business enterprise values i.e. “People, Portfolio, Partners, Profit, and Productivity”.

  1. People: Be an incredible area to work where human beings are stimulated to be talented and innovative as much as they can be.
  2. Portfolio: Bring to the world a portfolio of first-class beverage that assume and fulfill people’s desires and needs.
  3. Partners: Nurture a prevailing community of client and suppliers, collectively we create mutual, long-term value.
  4. Profit: Maximize long-term return to share owners while being conscious of our universal responsibilities.
  5. Productivity: Be an exceedingly effective, lean and fast-moving organization.

Goals & Objectives

The Goals /Aim of Red Bull are accordingly made of “S.M.A.R.T”. “S.M.A.R.T” stands for “Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound”.

SPECIFIC: RED bull is planning to launch new flavors which will contain fruits and healthy ingredients, so that their drink doesn’t get banned in few countries.

MEASURABLE: In this part they measure how much resources will be required to carry out the specific plan by effectively and efficiently.

ACHIEVABLE: It refers that few questions rise up while producing a new product, Examples like, Will the new product attract the athletes and customers? Will they like the flavors of it? Will they gain the higher profit from before? If these answers are positive they are likely to achieve good profit and share.

REALISTIC: Red Bull has always thought of being realistic in all their fields. They always achieve their goals and objectives through talented and innovative youths. We can see that in marketing and sales it will be always young boys and girls who will be supplementing the Red Bull drink and attracting the customers with their talents.

TIME BOUND: Goals always have its time frame within which period they need to launch their product to achieve certain goals and profit before their competitors launch a better product.

Objectives of Red Bull are as Follows:

  1. To prolong the presence of Red Bull amongst a growing commercial enterprise sector portions.
  2. To flood new energy drink being competitor with Monster, Pepsi and Coca Cola.
  3. To expand greatest piece of universal enterprise by means of expanding the deal of producing new products.
  4. To receive and access the new market area in a profitable way by advertising and sponsoring many extreme sports and competitions, and target younger audiences.

“SWOT” Analysis


Strong Leadership: The Business Enterprise has maintained a robust world picture across the world with the customers, suppliers and shareowners.

Marketing Strategy: The Business Enterprise has been efficiently enforced via promotional things to do like sports sponsorship that brings on a robust identity of the brand and as an end result creates a consumer loyalty for the brand. Moreover advertising campaigns of Red Bull are determined to be very alluring for its customers.

Broad Geographic Presence: Red Bull has a robust geographic presence that results in a fine long run increase even although positive markets reach maturity.


Changes in Consumer’s Taste: There can be turndown in the company’s market revenue as more shoppers have turn out to be more fitness aware and may additionally minimize the consumption of caffeine and taurine as Red Bull contents excessive amount of these two elements which can cause stroke or liver harm and this made the drink exposed to regulatory control.

The Price of Red Bull: The drink has the higher prices than other competitors. Its expenses are above the power drink average price. As an end result customers tend to think twice at the time of purchase.

Its Category limitations: The agency has a restricted product portfolio compared to the rising quantity of competitors bringing many other flavor versions and categories.


Expansion: Expansion into geographical markets, the new emerging markets preserves a promising growth for Red Bull. Accelerating the advertising and sponsorships in these markets is a clever move.

Media: Further growing presence in media by means of strategic collaborations through advertising or promoting.

Innovation: Enhancing nutritional elements of beverages as a substitute than the usage of excessive quantity of caffeine. Moreover presenting new flavours and innovative formats can help Red Bull to enhance its market shares.


Competition: Competitors such as Monster, Power horse and Coca Cola have launched their particular energy drink variety to take part in a straight line with Red Bull’s products and represents the biggest danger to Red Bull as the competitors contains natural ingredients, which appears greater acceptable than Red Bull for some consumers.

Negative Publicity: Varies of global media have expressed that Red Bull is risky for one’s physiological state. The French Health Authority has moved out one step more by way of not approving the Red Bull product against promoting in France, thinking about it is now not in compliance amongst the country’s meals and fitness rules.

Moreover, concerning mother and father pointing out that the amount of caffeine inside the Red Bull may additionally be risky if used by using teenagers & teens, As this effects of now not buying the product.

High advertising and marketing prices: Maturity in developed markets makes merchandising greater and harder than in the past moreover inflame higher promotion prices.

Future Plans

In terms of similarly growth, Red Bull is focused on the core markets of Western Europe, USA and to boom markets within the Far East, while additionally focusing on the persevering the Red Bull with Organic range.

While Looking at Expanding, Red bull additionally plans to expand in Asia especially with its giant quantity of youth population in India having the highest number of youth at 98 million can help energy drinks to get profit for long term, furthermore accompanied by China at 82 million and Indonesia by 21 million, so these are the first-class locations to amplify income quick but at the same time they need to consider the price.

Moreover In marketing red bull has always sponsored and collaborated with sport games such as in Olympics, cycle tour, formula 1 race etc. But in future they are also planning to collaborate and sponsor with universities, as the universities also conduct matches like football, basketball, 200m Races and this is how Red Bull can take advantage of attracting the youths to buy it.

Our Recommendations / Suggestions

To end the section regarding “Red Bull”, here are some tips that can assist Red Bull to continue to be the leader of the energy drink market.

Red Bull needs to expand its range of product. Indeed, it is the first opportunity for the manufacturer to customize its relationship with its target, the more you are consultant of your customer profile and personality, the higher your sales. Moreover, enlarging its range of product is additionally a way to remain competitive in the direction of its competitors.

Red Bull needs to continue its procedure of opening to new profiles or portfolios, as we defined in the last section of our analysis. This will help to trap new market; Red Bull has to also adapt itself accordingly with trend.

Red Bull has to continue its incredible media strategy presence. Moreover, Red Bull has then to control and encourage its community to carry on their projects collectively with modern and proficient youths.

Red Bull must now adopt a clear speech about the bad uses of its drink. Indeed, if the manufacturer has always played on this “bad buzz” to make its commercial enterprise and then transform it into affordable advertising, Red Bull has now to be sincere and to guide its customers into their consumption of Red Bull to preserve its youth and free image, and to be assimilated with hazard and insecurity.

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