Reflection on Employability Skill Development Module

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Table of Contents

  • Journal Overview
  • Industry awareness
  • Summary
  • Learning Outcome
  • Application of the area covered
    How to selection of the area of the industry training
  • Preparation of resume
  • Summary
    Learning Outcome
    Application of the area covered
  • The power to transform
  • Summary
  • Learning Outcome
  • Application of the area covered
  • Interviewing
  • Summary
    Learning Outcome
    Application of the area covered
  • Digital banking
  • Summary
    Application of the area covered
  • Test design and progressive web app
  • Summary
    What is CMS
    Traditional CMS
    Headless CMS
    What is progressive web app
  • Learning Outcome
  • Advantages of CMS
  • Application of the area covered
  • Conclusion
  • Works cited

Journal Overview

With the rapid development of working environment, the competition between industry are also increasing, what the employer want for the graduates are not only focus on the degree. They are pay more attention to our employability skills. We need to possess or learn certain aspects so as to execute the activities or work assigned to it in a better manner at the work place. Employability skills covers the evaluation of the effectiveness of us with the performance objectives so as to analyse the problems affecting its performance for the purpose of increase the performance. Some people miss the chance to grab a good job, just because they are not prepared for being employed. The employability skills development module takes an activity based approach to raising our awareness about the working environment. It wills support us in preparation for achieving an employability qualifications for getting a job. This journal is based on overall summary of the lectures, workshops and what we learnt from the employability skills development module.

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Self-assessment is regarding as a process of identify myself in order to make decision based on my strengths and qualities. After getting overall knowledge from the lectures and workshops I was able to make small self-assessment of myself as mention bellow.

Industry awareness


Industry awareness is a understanding of the industry which we are applying to join. Industry awareness can be summarised as an understanding the wider environment in which an organisation operates. This topic mainly discussed the student and industry gap. Understanding my current position, where do I want to reach, how do I achieve my aim are the objectives of the session.

Learning Outcome

  1. Understand my current position
  2. Completed 2nd year of BSc IT degree. Gets help from the parents for guidance and financing. Gets help from the Friends and lectures for university work.

  3. Where do I want to reach
  4. I want be success as a software engineer within less than 3 years

  5. How do I achieve my goal

Breakdown my goal to sub components.

I will use personal contacts and university internship opportunities to Find an Software engineering internship in a well-known company within one year.

Application of the area covered

I got a clear understanding of types of industry trainings, etc. INTERN - Software engineering / IT

How to selection of the area of the industry training

My goal becoming a software engineer, Industry training also should be aligned with the degree I follow. I should select industry training in the software engineering field.

Industry training will provide a lifelong learning experience. This is an opportunity to engage with the profession to which I aspire in a realistic work environment. I got the basic knowledge on how to prepare for a professional career.

Preparation of resume


The purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of skills, abilities and accomplishments. We need a resume that markets our strengths and match for the job. We need to have completed mind map on resume. Mind mapping is used to translate what’s on our mind into a visual picture. It helps structuring information, better analyse and generate new ideas. Importance of mind mapping, 7 steps of mind mapping, outcome of a well design resume, do’s and don’ts in curriculum vitae are the topics describe within this session.

Learning Outcome

Mind mapping help me to note down only the most important information using key words and then make relationship between facts and ideas visually and also this will gain greater insight into myself. The outcome of a resume is set a positive tone for the interview, guides the interviewer in what to ask and make a better first impression. Also this session describe the key attributes that employers will be looking for. Employability skills are the skills and attitudes that employers want for their workplace. Motivation, Reliability, Determination, Trustworthy etc.

If we are interested in turning our internship into a job offer, it’s important to know exactly what employers look for when hiring new employees.

Application of the area covered

Good personal values are what make the basics for a employee. Internships are best time to show employers that I have the personal traits, qualities they looking in their employees. This session is gave the overall knowledge of how to make a resume for a realistic work environment.

The power to transform


Most of us live our life waiting for something to happen. Going after the things we want, learning new skills, and chasing our desires is hard, which is why most of us keep doing nothing to transform our self into who we really want to be. But with the right attitude and a little bit of guidance, we can put our self on a path to becoming who we truly want to become. One of the essential part of developing our traits and taking control of our mind is to transform our life and create the life we desire.

Learning Outcome

There are 3 main factors that I could use to transform myself into who I really want to be

  • Change unwanted behaviour
  • Release my full potential
  • Achieving success and happiness.
  • Change unwanted behaviour is mainly focused on liberating our self-limiting belief. Which means identify and acknowledge self-limiting thoughts and patterns that are stopping us from taking action and moving forward in studies, career, life and relationship. There are 6 steps I should follow,

  • Own my happiness and take control of my emotions
  • Challenge my own story
  • Enjoy my journey and process
  • Put myself in the calendar, see myself as valuable
  • Make good relationships
  • Balance day to day work.

Release my full potential is mainly focused on empower and transform. There are some components that will be important. High energy, inside and outside appearance, being well spoken and positive positive affirmation are some of them which useful to empower myself.

Application of the area covered

Transform our self into who we really want to be is very important in the working environment. With the purpose of making ourselves more competitive in the future job market, we should achieving success. A complete module showing how to transform our confidence and self-steam. How to challenge our self to become the best that we can be. When employees can transform themselves into new skillsets and personal growth, that’s when the companies or industry can truly transform. Significant change can’t be achieved Without employees growth. The power to transform topic is really useful when we enter to the job market or industry training.



The interview is the final step of the hiring process and the most important. Interviews are the way of impressing our experiences and personality. The most important step is well prepared. Information provide by our self should be correct and accurate. We have small duration of time to provide as much of an true and honest representation of our self as possible during an interview.

Learning Outcome

The most important learning outcome is how to prepare for interviews. By doing some preparation we’ll feel more in control. Understand myself, create my personal profile and know the position are some tips that I learnt from this topic. Understand my self is based on take an inventory of my attributes. education, experience, skills, extracurricular activities, values and achievements are some of them. When I create my personal profile I have to give myself all the credits I deserve. Know the position is very important which means make sure myself and the position are match. Get to know about the Duties, location, work schedules and benefits of the position are help to develop confidence.

Application of the area covered

Interviews provides an employment opportunities and also it helps us to increase contacts. Have a look at the personal profile and company’s information shown that we’ve take time to learn about the company and position is always a good way to impress interviewers. It will show that we are engage. Being prepared give a good first impression. Hiring managers decide who to hire based on the interviews. They are looking to fill the vacancies with the better candidates. So we have to persuade them that we are the best. In order to do it, preparation is the key and it give good chance of success.

Digital banking


Digital banking also known as internet banking is an electronic payment system that enables customers to conduct a range of financial transactions through the website. A bank customer can perform non transactional tasks through digital banking.

  • Recent transactions
  • Downloading bank statements
  • Viewing images of paid cheques.
  • Customers can transact banking tasks through digital banking
  • Investments purchase or sale
  • Credit card applications.

This topic describe that what is the digitalization. And also basic idea about the payment system actors. Digitalization is the process of converting information or data into digital format. It is use of digital technologies to change a business model and give new revenue and value producing opportunities. When we look at the embedded banking, an embedded option is s component of a financial bond and usually provides the issuer the right to take some action against the other party.

Application of the area covered

The digital revolution has changed many elements within every industry. The new technology change a lot of banking structures. Digitalization is already change the labour market. Digitalisation transform existing jobs, demanding new skills to carry out modern task. Digitalisation gives rise to new job opportunities.

Test design and progressive web app


What is the test design, Test design is to ensure that all requirements are met through a test procedures, software being capable of what is needed and wanted by the client.

What is CMS

  • A content management system is a software application or set of related programs that are used to create and manage digital content.
  • Traditional CMS

  • Traditional website have their own front- end and back- end.
  • Headless CMS

  • Headless platform has no default front-end system to determine how the content is presented to the end user. Content is raw and can be publish any ware, through any frontend framework.
  • What is progressive web app

  • PWA are web app developed using a number of specific technologies and standard patterns to allow them to take advantage of web and native features. Etc. Web apps are more discoverable – it’s easier and faster to visit a website than install an application, and we can also share web app via a link.

Learning Outcome

Advantages of CMS

  • A heedless CMS is front end framework agnostic. That means you can publish content on any device or channel via, API calls.
  • Front end developers are free to use their favorite framework and tools.

Content management system is useful us to create and edit, manage and maintain web pages on a single interface.

Application of the area covered

A content management system is allows us to Work more efficiently, With a CMS we can build pages and sites in a half the time it takes to build them. And also Streamline industry workflow, Content writers can easily insert links, text styles, titles etc. No codes really necessary. When we talk about Progressive web apps, it can help growth of the industry or a business too by bringing more engagement and conversions.


There is no doubt that we are having good degree will gain better starting point for our career life. But only degree is not enough, employers want much more than that. This journal has help me deepen by understanding my quality of learning as undergraduate, understanding myself, creativity and improves professional development. This journal based on what I have learnt from Employability skill development module. Through this journal I summed up employability skills that most needed. With the purpose of making ourselves become more competitive in the job market or industry training, Industry awareness, preparation of resume, The power to transform is very important. I hope that this module would help me to improve my employability skills and get a good join the competitive job environment after I graduate.

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