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  Emotional intelligence, mainly, is an ability that implies monitoring, comprehending, and suitably communicating/dealing with feelings—one's and those of others. The first reference to emotional intelligence came from “social intelligence' in the 1930s. Emotional intelligence, as we all know it, is a new term that had an effect of following up researches in the academic and popular literature particularly last thirty years. It is a notion that can be applied and be useful for a daily life base and for work as well. Rosenthal asserted that employees who were better by understanding others’ emotions are more successful in a social environment as well as at their workplace. Besides, Leahy also advised that EQ – emotional intelligence quotient can predict higher quality interpersonal relations, succeeding and happiness.

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It is not a secret that in the 21 century we have high competition in all industries all around the world. Work rules are changing constantly. To put it in a nutshell, these days employees have to be stress-tolerance, adaptive and sometimes easy going and what is more important to be great speakers. Moreover, currently a comprehension of quarrels and a part that it plays in affecting work results and employee behaviour more imperative than it ever was. To add to it, these days an atmosphere at the work is more stressful, full of conflicts, pressure and hostility. What is more, nowadays, we are judged by new criteria, focusing not only on how well and rapidly we understand or on the level of our professional training and erudition. The extent to which we control ourselves and get along with others is also taken into account. Small wonder that in the 21 century emotional intelligent and emotional competence play major role.

Individual’s IQ contributes around 20% to their prosperity. The other 80% can be credited to different elements—including knowing your qualities and having a capacity to coexist fully with others. People are emotional human beings and nowadays no intelligence is more important than the interpersonal. High emotional intelligence helps people to maintain and create interpersonal relationships. EI includes realizing when and how to show feelings just as the capacity to regulate sentiments. Emotional stability is a key factor that helps to withstand stressful moments and be able to deal with people without hurting anyone's feelings. Emotional intelligence contains self-management, self and social awareness, and the capability to create and manage relationships. Facts also advised that EI can be learned and ameliorate by the person. One of the main notions of EI is a skill to control feelings. Moreover, the high level of EI prevents depressions and improves the capacity to cope with stress. Also, it can forecast a net profit for the businesses . The results of previous statements can be explained by great emotional awareness.

Feist and Barron  found that prestige and success at the work depend on social and emotional abilities four times more than IQ. Another momentous part of EI is empathy. Rogers defined empathy as a capability to sense others’ feelings as you were that another person. In one study researchers discovered that it is easier to adapt to the changes in life and to fit into social group if the person has greater ability to analyse and asses others’ sentiment. 

Dixon  describes gambling as “good business; or at least a profitable one”. A casino is a gambling house; an entertainment institution with a restaurant where people are playing games such as cards, roulette, slot machines, etc. Gambling is bets on an unpredictable result of cash or something of value (alluded to as 'the stakes'). It is not surprising that players usually are emotional and these emotions are controlling them. In the same time gambling is a leisure activity that pleases gamblers. The main purpose is to win the money or material benefits. Basically, the main profitability is coming from premium players . As Prentice  mentioned the quality of service in the casino plays a key role in guests’ retention and gratification. The gambling is a service industry includes a lot of interpersonal communications between workers, customers and especially with croupiers and casino hosts. Therefore, it requires high emotional self-control. Generally, premium players communicate directly with casino hosts. Their emotional bond depends on how gamblers requests and problems were solved and from the amount of attention they are getting from the hosts when it needed. Emotional intelligence helps the casino hosts to perceive and manage the emotions of the players. Especially it is a very important trait when the gamblers are stressed or even aggressive. As Kalby  said that the hosts are playing a meaningful role and they are who provides service to them. In addition, Daus, Ashkanasy found a positive connection between the good performance of work and emotional intelligence when we are talking about the works which require direct interaction with people.

It is important to remember that generally, the work atmosphere is tense and emotional, especially for the front of the house employees. We can safely assume that employees' emotions could affect performance and communication between gamblers and co-workers. What counts here is that social interaction and technical knowledge associated with job performance and is playing the key role. Therefore, these two factors are influencing the level of guests’ service quality at the casino.  

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