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Reflect on the Sources of Law

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Colleges today presents a huge number of challenges; regularly the issues they confront include institutional strategy, yet, with ceaselessly expanding recurrence they have legal implications. The many-sided quality of the present issues requires quality and carefulness by college leaders. Notwithstanding the issues on lewd behavior and FERPA, leaders must be educated on issues including academic freedom, copyright misconduct, governmental policy regarding minorities in society, discipline, due process, segregation, and the right to speak freely. In addition, college leaders need to display the practices that demonstrate the college does not endure segregation, regards laws, and supports the privileges of all who study and work at the organization. They should make certain that there are unmistakable, open components on grounds to clarify and strengthen the college’s duty to legal issues. But, I have chosen to review my alma mater Wiley College, I attended this college as an undergrad student, the reason I choose this college was that it was a Historically Black College and University (HBCU) located in Marshall, TX, the college is also a religiously based college. Wiley College is under the United Methodist Church-related private institution and is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS). In this paper, I will be researching the internal and external laws and policies and the prevalent issues that occur at Wiley College.

Prevalent Issues

Some issues that were constantly occurring at Wiley College, was that students’ felt that the financial aid procedures guidelines were not being followed by some of the administrative staff, some students’ felt that money was being taken from them. The situation with students’ not receiving their aid on time and students’ complaints towards the financial aid office resulted in Wiley College giving their employees professional training to review the policy and regulations of Wiley College and over the state and federal laws of financial aid. Furthermore, the issues didn’t end there, the faculty also had issues with the college and their salary and hours; most of the faculty were laid off, and some faculty members had to cover more classes. In addition, with this particular conflict Wiley College decided to furlough a number of employees. Next, during the couple years at the Wiley College, there was a high rise in violence on campus with students’ and non-students these particular incidents were so bad that the college had to hire law enforcement to work the campus for a couple of months to prevent any violence that could result in the college having a lawsuit against them. The resolution in this situation was that only Wiley College students were only allowed on the campus at the time and a curfew was established.

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External Laws

Policy Of Non-Discrimination: Wiley College conformed to all material government and state non- discrimination laws and does not segregate based on race, color, national or ethnic source, sex, age, or incapacity, consistent with the Assurances of Compliance with Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, Executive Order 11246 as issued and altered; Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972, as corrected; Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; and Section 303 of the Age Discrimination Act of 1975. Equal Access to College Educational Programs: Wiley College provides equal access to every single educational program to each qualified understudy without respect to educationally- unrelated disabilities. Furthermore, any understudy that requires special services is responsible for informing college staff of such needs and the understudy will be in charge of the costs related to services. This arrangement incorporates the cost of providing individual attendants therapeutic professionals and other special services. Disclosure of Educational Records Information: Wiley College ensures this by the (“Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act ” 2018) (FERPA) of 1974 may not be influenced accessible to any individual without the composed approval of the understudy aside from in the accompanying cases: to authorities of different schools in which the understudy expects to select, and different people and offices distinguished by statute. Under FERPA, faculty and staff of the College might be offered access to understudy information based on having a legitimate educational need. However, other information about the protection of understudy records might be acquired from the Office of the Registrar.

Under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 (Title IX): Wiley College abides by this law against sexual misconduct and different types of sexual unfortunate behavior are types of inappropriate behavior and are precluded. Any constituent of the College who knows about the offense is required to report quickly all complaints about sexual assault, lewd behavior or sexual wrongdoing. Staff and faculty found to be infringing upon this policy will be liable to a disciplinary action which may incorporate verbal or written reprimand, transfer, demotion, suspension, or end. This policy applies to all on-grounds conduct, and any off-grounds conduct that adversely affects an individual from the College community. Undocumented Students: Wiley College is authorized under Federal law, according to (“Overview of INS History USCIS: History Office and Library” 2018) (the Immigration and Naturalization Service) to enlist non-migrant understudies. Veterans Access, Choice, And Accountability Act of 2014: Wiley College is affirmed for the training of veterans as endorsed by the (“Veterans Benefits Administration” 2018). Non-Liability of College for Injury or Loss: Interest in projects and occasions outside classrooms and research centers is intentional and students, alongside their guardians or parents, expect all dangers of individual damage, loss of the property, as well as some other kind of misfortune. The student and guardians or parents of the student discharge and release Wiley College (an organization sorted out under the Non-Profit Corporation Act of the State of Texas).

Internal Laws

Gun Law: Wiley College abides by their own law that they are a gun- free campus and will not permit gun carrying on their campus. Student Rights: The policy of Wiley College is to guarantee the quick and reasonable determination of all conflicts, to accommodate review procedures to ensure the reasonable and sensible utilization of College regulations to all understudies, and to support intercession of potential conflicts at the earliest expected moment. Next, understudies are required to deplete all internal authoritative help before seeking any action with external offices. It will be the obligation of Wiley College, through the Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs, to guarantee that the privileges of all understudies are properly upheld and regarded. Organization and Authority of Judiciary Bodies and Functionaries: Wiley College has established an arrangement of judiciaries and Student Code of Conduct that each understudy must submit to upon enlistment. A judiciary body is an arrangement of official courtrooms for the organization of justice. The execution of the legal procedure is a piece of the educational environment. The College legal process isn’t identical to the criminal law procedures of state and government courts. Although the Colleges’ legal procedures are not analogs to the state and government forms, the College bears understudies their fundamental rights to due process. A confirmation of guilt forgoes the privilege to an appearance before the Judicial Panel.


College leaders should be well educated about the progressing potential for prosecution, mindful of everyday activity on their campuses, and ready to make basic choices smoothly. In addition, leaders must recognize workers who can successfully assume liability for every area of consistency and after that give appropriate training on these issues. Thinking about the extensive variety of difficulties with potential legal ramifications, at my previous college, there are legal advisors who can be counseled for legal advice. This guarantees leaders that the colleges best advantages have been ensured before undertaking any new activity. Lastly, if an attorney is a part of a legal body at the college, at that point the president has a favorable position.


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