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Recently, my Business Accounting’s lecturer gave me a group project about analyzing financial report of a public company and our group was deciding to use Microsoft’s financial report to be analyzed, since it is a very well-known company. We made an agreement that every member was responsible for some certain parts, but we committed that we would help each other to accomplish the task.

Firstly, my tasks were calculating the liquidity, efficiency, solvency, and profitability ratios of Microsoft for the past two years. Secondly, I helped my friends created comment for solvency and profitability ratios. Then, when my friend did her part about external factors that affect Microsoft, I offer a few opinions about that. Moreover, I also looked for Microsoft’s balance sheet table for the year 2016 and 2017. During that time, I searched the information through internet, but I could not understand it in one time reading because I never learned this before. Then, I started asked some of my friends and family hope they have a deeper knowledge and experience about stock. Luckily, my father has many experiences in buying stock, so I got a lot of information about how crucial every ratio of a company is for investors.

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From this assignment, I got a lot of new things which I can learn from. First, I learn how to work with other people that came from different country. It was an unique experience, since I had to adapt with her style of gathering information, explaining her arguments, and also making a report. In addition, we should adjust to each member’s behavior, since at the beginning we met a struggle to make an appointment. Working on group was not easy, but it was really helpful when you did not have any idea in doing some parts. Furthermore, this assignment was a first step for me to learn stock market, because I was very curious since I was at Senior High School. However, at that time I just learned about basic calculation of accounting and was not related to stock.

After passing all of this work, I realized that if there is a fall in company’s stock price, it does not always mean that company is in danger, because stock market is fluctuation, even big company like Microsoft is possible to suffer a regression. From this time onwards, I will do more research about stock market, because I think it can generate money for me in the future.

Last but not least, I was very proud of myself when many of my PSB friends who are not in this elective came and asked me about stock market and how it worked. I was quite glad because I can share my understanding and it became useful for them.

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