Reflection on before the Flood and Environmental State of the World

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The documentary begins with a reflection about “The Garden of Earthly Delights” painted, by Bosch, which shows “a paradise that has been degraded an destroyed”. Climate change is a danger that has the potential to do that to our Earth. In the documentary, newly appointed messenger of peace, Leonardo Di Caprio, goes on a journey to find what the impacts of climate change are currently being, what is to be expected and if we have gone too far to be able to get back to the right path.

From all of what appears in the documentary, it seems like we have almost gone too far, the effects climate change would have, that were predicted by the scientific community, are taking place much quicker than expected, and the appropriate steps are still not being followed. Climate change is coming much and much faster. There are extraordinary extreme weather patterns. A big part of our economy is dependent on fossil fuels and this is not good, because it is really polluting. All modes of transportation, the way we produce food, the way we build our cities, almost everything we do releases co2. This leads to climate change. Sea levels rise, polar ice caps melt, there will be more dangerous weather patterns, the temperature will rise and in some places it will decrease.

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There are politicians that don’t believe in climate change and that is a problem. Also companies (especially fossil fuels industry) are rooted in politics and they have a lot of power, so change is difficult. Another factor is that the world population keeps growing. China is the number one polluter in the world. China is the manufacturer of the world and much of the pollution of that industry is getting dumped in our backyards. They have a city that has the same coal production as the entire United States. This is affecting the health of people and their everyday life is being affected by it. Also standards are not complied with in China.

Islands are flooded and if nothing changes, they will disappear. We have ruined the ecosystem. Plants and animals have disappeared. Already 50% of all coral has been lost. We are taking away the ecosystems that normally help to stabilize our lives. Oceans and forests absorb co2, but they can’t take this much co2. So the oceans and the forests release massive amounts of co2 back into the atmosphere.

In Indonesia a lot of palm oil plantations are being created. Palm oil is in almost all our products. The expansion of palm oil plantation has taken over 80% of its forests.For creating these plantations, fires have been set. Which results in a big release of co2. This has negative effects for the people that live there, but also for all species.

The reason why people are chopping down the forests for palm oil plantations, is because people keep buying products that contain palm oil. A big part of our lands is used for agriculture. For example by farmers that own cows for the production of beef. Also a big part of our food production is for feeding those animals. Cows also pollute the atmosphere. They produce methane, which is even more damaging than co2.

After seen the documentary entitled ‘Before the flood’ of National Geographic published along the year of 2016, I have been feeling awful. Despite of my own feeling, other creatures on this planet, which have been greatly affected by the terrible consequences of climate change, must be feeling worse. Some countries are accountable for the harms caused on earth than others, however we should start by ourselves.

To intergrate sustainability into people’s lives is difficult, yet it is important to change with our own habits as it will affect the behaviour of large businesses. If customers would not be interested in harmful products and services anymore, consequently they will not ve produced or produced either 

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