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Reflection On Learning Strategies I Use

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Metacognition is being aware of what you are learning. It’s a great tool to have because it helps people to understand how they learn different concepts. My own metacognition strategies I have used have helped improve my learning process in and outside the classrooms. Some of the skills/ strategies that were put into use were planning and organizing, evaluation and self-assessment. Each of those strategies has assist in keeping me successful in learning new content.

When assigned readings in my Women Studies class I use the evaluation strategy for better comprehension. While I am reading, I make an effort to jot down things that stand out to me. For each chapter / section, with one or two sentences I aim to summarize what the story is about or stating what is the main idea of it. If there are any vocabulary words that I do not know the meaning of I write it down. Then I try to define them using the surrounding context clues or looking them up. After reading I ask and evaluate whether was I able to accurately read the material well? Do I understand what it says and remember the information? Am I actually following what I am reading? I go through each of these to better help me comprehend the text, and understand what I read. Using planning and organization in mathematics is beneficial.

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Math is not my strongest subject. So I strive to make sure I know how solve different problems and understand the concepts well. When planning in math, usually it’s on how I can approach a mathematical problem. I try to see what the problem is asking and what is it asking me to do. To better understand, I highlight keywords, terms, or numbers that are given. From there I select an appropriate strategy to or a math method that I think best fits to solve that problem. As I am applying that method, if I see that my approach or method is not working or I end up getting the question wrong the next step would be to try another approach. I could either modify my approach or choose to go about it in a different way. Using this strategy/ skill has helped boost the way I tackle challenging math problems. Instead of not taking a shot at it, using this strategy can help me break down the problem and solve in steps to get the right answer.

The skill self-assessment is a skill that I used in and outside the classroom. Self-assessment allows me to reflect on myself and my work. When reflecting I take things into consideration such as thinking about how well I performed in the classes that I take. What are my strengths and weaknesses? If there’s any changes to be made, what can I improve on to be better? This is analyzing about what to do to enhance my performance at learning something and the actions that can be taken to get there. In addition, on my own work I examine what issues that were experienced or what went well. I look into how I was able to approach the task and to complete it. I ask myself, did I do my best work? Were there some things that were difficult to understand? Do I fully understand what I am reading or trying to solve? All of those questions are a part of the process of being successful with completing a task and create a better learning environment for myself. As well as to finding what I would or can do differently the next time around.

Reflecting, planning and evaluation has improved my learning process. This has affect my learning process because using metacognition helped me to review and understand how I learn and think. By doing that it allows me to use certain skills and strategies to solve a problem or complete a task. It guides into think and setup steps for approaching problems and evaluating different texts. It increased me to having a more growth mindset and setting goals for myself to help better my performance.


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