Reflection on My First Programming Cooperation

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In my first meeting with my supervisor we had a discussion about project which is currently going on and he has goals for me which am effective communication with employer and clients, time management, Quality and Debugging of code. Starting with the first come first serve basis, effective communication which leads you to a successful product from raw material. He told me to ask questions to understand the requirements of client. In addition, I got wireframe, so I have to implement it into design with wordpress and bootstrap and also coding based on HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript for client. Whenever got an issue with the code ask immediately to teammate and supervisor so you can save time and can use it for effective work. Quality of code is what makes a product secure, reliable, and reusable. So try to make a code as smooth as possible so anyone can easily understand it and change it if they want to in future.

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I started to work on my programming, testing and communication skills. Moreover, I am working on a project which is already half coded and I changed database and coding for additional feature regarding client’s requirements. To make a code productive I am trying to make code using with loop and function. I have added comments in the code so in future if someone wants to change the code can easily do it. I am using goggle drive project management tools to keep record of my code so I can see the history of my code. Whenever I got issue in my code I always ask to supervisor and teammates so I can save time so it became effective product of my project.

I had been working in Java, iOS platform until I got this co-op. I’ve changed Java to JavaScript which was the adjustment which I had to make for job success. I did not know about how to use wordpress, Ajax and JavaScript because these all are new for me which is totally different from Java except concept. I will learn new technologies like Angular, Node. js. Loopback, MySQL, mongo dB, swift, Ajax, WordPress and all in time of internship.

When I started this co-op, I was little nervous because it was my first experience to work in real world in new country. But my supervisor is very helpful, kind, friendly. I got very friendly environment here, everyone helps each other. If someone has some issue regarding their work then supervisor ask to everyone if anyone can solve this issue. We discuss the plans and strategy for project and he asks for suggestions. I’ve learned new programming languages.

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