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Reflection on Studying at Nada International School Community

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It has been just over five years since I came to Saudi Arabia with my family and joined NIS. I came to a country with a very different culture to most people. However, it wasn’t as hard adapting to it and Nada International School has played a vital role in assisting myself to settle in this country. Being one of the best schools in the country, it has surely lived up to its standards throughout my stay.

When I first joined NIS, I was nothing more than an ordinary student having dreams about achieving high grades and being the best in the class. What was once a dream has surely turned into a reality as I have recorded some great achievements over the last five years. I have tried to participate in almost every possible competition held in NIS including math, general knowledge and UKMT and managed to achieve 1st position in the math’s competition. I have also been part of the sports day winning team twice. To add to this, I have been the captain of Annual School Cricket Team for last three consecutive years and hope to lead the team this year as well. Moreover, I am also elected as the Captain of Green House this year and am determined to make many big contributions for the school community.

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In grade 10, I performed exceptionally well in my IGCSE exams and secured 6 A*s and A’s. Again, it all comes down to the guidance and dedication of teachers in this school as well as my own hard work and commitment. Following my IGCSEs, I also managed to perform exceptionally well and secured AAB at AS Level, in Math, Physics & ICT. As there is still room for improvement, my AS result has only pushed me to work even harder than ever to achieve A*A*A*. I have a dream and ambition to complete my A Levels and join a university overseas with a good reputation to study engineering. Later on, maybe I will create my own company which hopefully will be the next big thing in the world. I have always believed in the best and this is no exception when I will be applying for the universities. However, it is very difficult to afford higher ranked universities. The economic situation of Saudi Arabia, especially for expats is also not the best as the living expenses have been significantly increased. With the help of this scholarship, things could change as the money I will save will definitely play a big part in helping me afford a much more prestigious university. However, winning this scholarship wont only help me financially but also give a feeling that I have achieved something big. This opportunity would further build up and improve my confidence, an ability essential to my growth as a student and an individual.

To conclude, it’s been a pleasure to study in such a school which primarily focuses on the well-being of their students and preparing us for a life after school in the international world we will all call home. The least I can do is achieve a successful career full of achievements which my school can be proud of. This is the best way to thank all the Nada International School community. Lastly thanks for all the help and encouragement I have been given. I sincerely appreciate the time of NIS Board of Trustees in evaluating my essay and giving me the opportunity to tell my story.


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