Importance of Communication Skills in Team Work

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I have looked at my life and understood that it consists of various procrsses of team work. In an institute, I work on projects with class mates, on my job, it is communication with colleagues. Moreover, at home I have infinite team work with family. Team work is not so easy,because everyone should contribute to succeeds overall. Moreover, a range of factors may impact on good results. In my reflection I am going to discribe team work on assignment 3 and evaluate advantages and disadvantages of work with my class mates. First of all, when I learnt about group work, I understood that it can be two sides of coins. From one side it is amazing chance to share ideas and easier to complete assignment, from other side it could be different barriers, such as speed of work, skills and behaviour. Another crucial factor to measure the success of a team work is having a right people with right skills. My team consisted of four members: Pooja, Natalia, Shweta and I. I can characterize the team as time-tested.

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We have worked together since first semester and have had a lot of group projects. Due to this fact, I would like to say that we have got used to each other. It is big advantage for any team project, when you already know your team members, their visions, features and skills. It helps to keep good speed of work without wasting time and get good results. It should be noted that every team is made up of strengths and weaknesses. One of strengths of my team was that all mates have great experience from different background.Thus, it has given an opportunity to build interesting and comprehensive work. Another strength of the team was that everyone was involved in process and contributed. Every member of our team is a very active. We arranged a few team meetings after classes where actively discussed our challenges and problems, shared own broad experience and ideas. Together have come up with the best solutions. Moreover, the fact that we already knows each other very well has supported to bulid comfortable envoronment. It was one of advantages of team work. However, all of us have weaknesses.

For instance, different speed of work and capabilities, which could have brought some disadvantage. For example, somebody has ability to strategical thinking, another has ability to butiful explanation situation. However, known this fact, we desided to divide our project according to skills. As outcome, we have increased our satisfaction and saved time. It should be noted that this project was interesting, but quite complecated. We should have made a lot of preporation before to starting to work on the project. For example, collect a lot of information, to analyse it and to make common decision following a task. Thus, at the beginning we desided to create ideas separately. We set up a time frame of a few days. After it, we should have met, share to each other our ideas and make a brain storm. Frankly speaking,I am used to working fast with focus on result. If to compare with members of the team, my speed is slightly higher. Therefore, I have decided to help the team by collecting and analysing information regarding Harley Davidson and to prepare SWOT analysis. When it was ready, I shared it via email. I believe that it helped my team colleagues to save time and put more effort for creating different ideas. In my opinion, one of the main advantage to having a team work is an opportunity to communicate to each other and share our views, opinions, and directions. I like to be involved in discussion and it is the most interesting process for me.

All of my team members are open-minded and skilled.As result, process of brain storming was creative, efficiency, easy-going and brought the best possible outcomes. Among all of ideas we have chosen the best two and divided parts of project. I was taken my part of the assignment which was one of the strategies for Harley Davidson. To be honest, I was enjoy to work on this part, because it was similar to creating some history for the company. Due to the fact that my husband is rider and we like to travel together on own motorcycle, I have fully immersed in situation of the company. This process was very creative for me and has given a high satisfaction.

However, I felt some disadvantages,such as limit of time. Based on this limitation ,I should have corrected and narrowed my plan. When my part has been done I shared with the team via email. It has given an opportunity to collect their opinions and made some correction. Later the rest of team mates have done the same. Finally, the project was assembled and submitted to the tutor. I would like to say that in spite of working together on a range of projects during the course, every time I learn something new. For instance, this project has brought a huge support. It should be noted that I had some difficulties, such as decreased energy, due to the last trimester. However, the rest of the team mates were in the same position. Thus, we have supported each other, communicated via email and phone,gave advises regarding the project. When team members support and appreciated efforts of each other, it give you motivation to improve teamwork efficiency. I believe that all of these factors have made us stronger as the team. In the end the project was finished and bring us high satisfaction. I feel it was a good teamwork at the end of the year.

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