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I am Varun Bhandari from India. I have moved Canada recently for my higher Education and I have experienced plethora of differences in rules and norms of my native country(India) and in my present location(Canada). I would like to describe differences in the behalf of various factors which will mention below. First and the Foremost factor is POLITICS. Politics play a crucial role for every country or culture, whereas it works differently in every country. Likely, I feel same thing here in Canada because in India the main agenda of The Government is to solve problems like population explosion, caste system and avoid discrimination although in Canada the main focus of The Council to generate jobs, fighting with climate change and build an economy that works for the middle class people.

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After this, another main factor is EDUCATION. The Education system in India is totally opposite of education system in Canada. In Canada, almost curriculum is done by online, whilst in India most of the education is being done by pen and paper from the very beginning. Moreover, the facilities in classes in Canada are more advanced then in India as in Canada, every class is projector based but in India classes are dependent on Instructor and books.

Furthermore, other remarkable factor is FOOD. There are huge difference in the food of Canada and the food of India. Basically in India, masses prefer to eat more spicy food then Canadians. Moreover, it is well-known fact that Indians are more friendly with vegetarian food, while Canadians are habitual with meat products. Next to it, BEVERAGES are equally important as the food is. Thus in Canada, people like to drink coffee the most in morning and in other schedule as well but in India it is quite different, Indians are more incline towards having tea in their leisure time.

Moving Further, CELEBRATION is the other main aspect that is completely different within both nation. Canadians are interesting, Mainly, in three to four festival to celebrate that is New Year, Christmas and Canada Day however, in India there are numbers of festivals such as Diwali, Holi, Eid, New Year, Navratri, Ganesha Festival and so on. All these festivals are celebrated in India because of some kind of Religious Belief. These are some factors which describe reflections between India and Canada. I hope this will make sense to you.

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