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So far throughout this course we have covered many concepts in a short amount of time. However, there were a few concepts that really stood out to me. For example leadership traits, charismatic leadership, leadership motives. These stood out for me either because I related to it directly or i was just very interested in learning about a new concept that I wasn’t really familiar with. The Feed the Funnel project was an awesome way to first hand see most of these concepts come to life. You get to sit back and watch the roles people naturally take and gravitate towards. It also taught me personally about peers and even about myself. Leadership have certain identity qualities that add to leadership adequacy most of the time as long as the leader style fits the circumstance sensibly well. These traits can be broken up into two groups the first being General personality traits. Which is the characteristics perceptible both inside and outside the setting of work and identified with progress and fulfillment in both work and individual life.

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Secondly, is the Task related traits which is the traits closely associated with task accomplishment. There are several general personality traits such as self-confidencehumility, core self-evaluations, trustworthiness, authenticity, extraversion, assertiveness, sense of humor, enthusiasm, optimism, and warmth. This concept related to the project because the leader of out class (Ms. Gold) had many qualities of a leader which were easily identified to not only myself but my peers as well. She has a passion for the work she did and the people she was leading. Another concept would be Charismatic leadership, Charisma is a Greek word meaning divinely inspired gift. In leadership term, according to Dubrin & Dalglish “charisma is a special quality of leaders whose purposes, powers, and extraordinary determination differentiate them from others”. While amazing levels of devotion, recognizable proof, and copying are incite in gathering partners that is the place charismatic leadership has occurred. There are nine components of charismatic effects such as, group member trust in the correctness of the leader’s belief. Similarity of group members’ belief to those of the leader. Unquestioning acceptance of the leader. Affection for the leader and willing obedience to the leader. Identification with and emulation of the leader. Emotional involvement of the group members in the mission or task at hand.

Heightened goals of the group members. Feeling on the part of the group members that they will be able to achieve or contribute to the accomplishment of the mission. This relates to the way my group interacted with each other while working on the project. A lot of the times the role of the leader changed depending on the task at hand. No one ever questioned any one that was taking the leader role at that time. Our classes willing obedience to Ms. Gold was another example as well we as a class were willing to do whatever she needed us to do to have a successful turn out. Leaders want to possess a place of obligation regarding others and to control them. For viable leaders instead of less viable leaders have been separated by their intentions.

There are four motives of a leader power motive, tenacity, strong work ethic, drive and achievement motive. Power motive is the need to control other individuals, be in charge of them and impact their behavior. leaders are additionally inspired by the need to control assets. This is additionally a key inspiration for progress. Tenacity is the Wilful Determination of a leader to accomplish something, more often than not there may be an issue that is holding on at the time and they have the desire to figure it out. Which i would compare to Ms. Gold again because I know for a fact that her determination is what made Feed the Funnel a success. Strong work ethic are individuals who have large faith in pride of work. Even though i’m sure everyone didn’t work as hard as some people, my class had a great work ethic. Because most of us are student athletes so we juggled all that our sport brings and also made time to help with the project. This sort of individuals wind up being leaders because of their solid hard working attitudes. This kind of leader trust that a group undertaking is beneficial, and henceforth gain the help for the leadership position. Lastly, drive and achievement which is best described as people progress toward becoming leaders on the grounds that they get Joy in achievement for the wellbeing of its own. They are generally considering how to carry out a vocation better and how they can advance in their profession. The requirement for accomplishment or to exceed expectations in their work put is on account of they are occupied with the money related reward that accompany it.

My overall experience with feed the funnel was inspirational. Not only because we helped people in need. It showed how complete strangers can come together and make a difference in this world to help make it a better place, with all that’s been going on in today’s society. This project also taught me alot more about leadership and many other concepts that I have listed and discussed above several of these concepts I didn’t know until this class.

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