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My team and I recently completed an English group project. We were brainstorming on what topic we should mind map on to get started with and we finally agreed upon the topic regards to before and after the internet. Our task was to create a short film between five to ten minutes long following the simple stages of the film process of production. I would state so far into the process everything was great with time management, group chemistry, and everyone doing their role as well as supporting and assisting in general with the other job roles. this reflective essay about life and English group project makes an effort in reflecting upon my personal experience in the group project.

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My role in this group project influenced my team members in planning, organizing, and managing time. Acknowledging that each of our group members had fluctuated schedules, we have set up a common gathering point for us to discuss the topic in depth. Among numerous group meetings that we had organized in Microsoft teams, I indicated my points relevant to the subject. An in-depth, discussion on the written facts and the number of selective articles were explored in the subsequent fourth and fifth meetings. Simple and adaptable ways to conclude the completed work were considered and an occasional check on progress and the run-through of the progressed work was explored in the final meeting.

My experience of group work impacted me to a significant extent in improving my skills required for presentations and group dynamics. Whilst attempting to convey the data needed, I became inspired by the thoughts and ideas of others. In an eventual manner, this upheld me in providing new thoughts and innovative ideas. This group work, aided in my consideration of issues through various sources, other than building my practical knowledge. As a result, I feel this group work has contributed as a method of attaining and developing skills concerning my connectivity and development. The whole of my group work was enjoyable, a strategy of learning, and my best experience was created through the development of my appointed work with my group members. Through an assessment of the various routes in managing ourselves, we de-escalated the complex situations in a highly successful and cost-effective manner.

The analytical skills, which I picked up during the team’s meeting, helped me in amplifying my conceptual thinking and more significantly creativity and teamwork skills. Building up the introduction for this project aided me in scanning the significance of schedules and time effectiveness with no considerable compromise on quality. All through the group work, I have learned how to strategically negotiate the most productive conditions for myself, work closely with my teammates, take charge, introduce useful concepts and develop an effective presentation. In addition, the cooperation amongst the group members empowered me to increase my learning experience with the achievement of desired outcomes. Aside from these formal skills, my past experiences with group work have likewise offered me valuable insights.

I realize that my contribution to the group in proposing ideas and examples may be required in improving myself in a conceptual and evaluative manner. I became more receptive to my communication skills and their efficiency, together with exploring a collection of ways for personal development. This reflection technique entitled me to look within myself and gave an immense improvement in my social work skills and observations. The usage of this encounter helped me in exploring the situation, in a much deeper way. An effort to enhance my development skills needs to be made in the future. Utilization of various representations concerned with the experience helped me in realizing the fact that, learning and knowledge development is something which I ought to be proactive.

In conclusion, reflection is a helpful procedure regardless of whether you have not been set a particular reflective assignment. This allowed me to exhibit my abilities and practice to improve and learn. I observe that implementing the task through teamwork will assist every individual in the future with an allowance of evolving practical, theoretical, and cognitive knowledge towards unseen horizons. On the whole, this reflective essay about life and the English group project and my personal experience assisted me in enhancing my knowledge, my perception of leadership, and my communication skills.  

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