Regarding the Correction of a Faulty System for Bounced Check

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The First Federal Bank (FFB) has been continuously working to provide optimal services to its clients. This has only been made possible by the dedicated employees working with us. FFB is truly blessed to have you all as its integral part. FFB is more than a bank. It is a united family where we care for and value our employees as well as our clients. To ensure that we provide the best service possible, we actively conduct audits and reports. Recently, upon completion of the audit for information flow and technology, we found an existing problem. This problem was associated with the checks, especially the ones deposited between 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm. Some errors in the overall deposit process caused those checks to bounce.

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Despite the faulty system, you have been patiently handling our customers and dealing with the situation. FFB is proud to have you as our family members. I want to apologize and thank all the employees, especially the tellers, for their continued commitment. After working rigorously with other team members, we are certain that the problem has been solved. The system will work more properly and faster to make things easier for you.After carefully analyzing the audit for information flow and technology, we identified several key issues that needed a closer look. Upon further evaluation, there were errors in the system in many vital areas. Firstly, the reconciliation procedure to make a deposit was incorrectly performed as the instruction provided was itself ambiguous. The regular process that needs to be performed sequentially is listed below:

  • Hit the close button to go back to the initial phase in the system to begin the process.
  • Register the incoming checks after checking their validity.
  • Only after a successful register, merge the amount from checks to the corresponding account.
  • If all three steps are performed consecutively, then post the transaction in the customer account.

The amount should be visible in the account after posting.However, due to a technical flaw, the system could post the transaction before consolidating or merging the amounts. This resulted in the checks to bounce as the amount was assumed to be zero by the system. With intense hard work, the system has been modified so that the first task is now a prerequisite for the second task. We have also enforced the fulfillment of all the requirements. To clarify further, the system would prohibit skipping of the steps. For example, the system would deny the procedure if you try to post checks before consolidating or merging. Likewise, the case is similar when you try to close and register, register and merge, and merge and post. So, only after completion of the first step, you will be able to go to the next step. With these changes, there should be no more issues.Secondly, the prompt screen button for consolidating and merging had been disappearing intermittently. It led to the confusion that the merging of checks has been happening automatically. As a result, the checks bounced. Our team have modified the system and installed new functions.

Now, the system would allow you to post the checks only when you press the button for the consolidate checks. So, the checks would not bounce until and unless they are fake. Some of our old tellers also reported poor visibility of the icons on the screen. So, every icon has been enlarged for better visibility. In addition, our team has plugged in new JavaScript button so that the button is always visible during the process. We have dealt with this problem to make sure the prompt screen appears all the time during the reconciliation procedure.

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