Regret with a Side of Sand


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For the first time in decade we come up with the best idea ever we decide to go to Block Island…on the Fourth of July. On the Ferry towards Block Island I look out the side window seeing deep blue waves crash on the boat causing it to tilt back and forth, the salty wind crashes upon my nose causing me to stick my head back into the boat. After about 30 minutes the tilting becomes more pronounced I give Christa one look of misery she replies with the same look I try to lay my head down and close my eyes worst mistake of that day make that the second, my mother and my brother were practically on the verge of throwing up the Dunkin Donuts we had for breakfast. When I decide to sleep we reach the island on one side there is a calm beach with tiny waves rolling upon the clear waters and then on the other side is a beach that has furious waves that crash upon the beach with enough force to cause the “wall” Trump is building to crumble, guess which beach we went to.

After, getting our bearings we decide to “relax” and head to a beach that my mom’s boss told us was a “calming” beach and was “serene”. We arrive at the beach that is filled with partying college kids the smell was unbearable there was alcohol, marijuana, and god knows what else, despite my mom’s this isn’t a good place instincts we head into the beach and go near the deep ocean water that looked like it just came out of the sewer. After, getting a false sense of security a huge wave like at least 10 or 11 feet tall crashes on the beach causing my mom, little brother, Christa and I to get knocked down Christa, my little brother and I were lucky to get out but my mother wasn’t so lucky, we immediately book it out of there. We went to a beach house hoping to rinse the sand that has infiltrated every space in our bathing suits, after about 15 minutes of “rinsing” the sand out of our bathing suits we go for lunch. We leave the cesspool of drunken, high college kids and make our way out of there, we decide to have seafood for lunch it was good the lobster good of been made better but that is just me. We ask the waitress for a beach that is serene and relaxing she tells us there is one south of here, so we go there it was late afternoon when we got there the beach was amazing the sand felt like silk, the sun was at a perfect angle for tanning and the water was clear with tiny little waves rolling on top of its surface. It made up for the terrible experience at Mavericks, when I got into the clear water with my mom and brother we saw to the right of us dogs swimming with their owners and to the left we say a rock with seagulls which were surprisingly not viscous scavengers. Christa couldn’t go into the water she wouldn’t tell me why but I just slept on a towel basking in the sun feeling a comforting heat touching my skin, when it was time to go towards the Ferry we waited in line for about 30 minutes to get on.

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When we did get on the Ferry there were 10 people near us that were drinking a 6 ounce bottle of vodka next to those people were a group of people smoking weed, it wasn’t the best experience. Next, to me was a person who just threw up and fell asleep because god knows how many drinks they had, when we got to the midpoint of Rhode Island and Block Island the Ferry was tipping back and forth as if the Ferry itself had too many drinks. When we got back from the death ride known as that Ferry there were fireworks going off and it was amazing wherever you look there was fireworks soaring into the sky exploding with beautiful colors then as quickly as they came faded away into nothing. After that experience there was sand ever where in the house, that day was an interesting experience to say the least.

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