Importance of Doctor's Professionalism: Requirements for Health Profession

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Within a health profession there are many reguirements needed such as certation qualification or knowledgeable skills. One health profession with certain reguirements is an art therapist. some reguirements to pursue art therapy are, 56 points from a BTEC in mainly health and social care level three but some universities allow people from other BTECs with that certain amount of points to be able to do the course and a dergee in art is also mandatory, also a DBS check is compulsory where they reguire three forms of identification, a DBS check is where they check someones polices records and if someone has commited any crimes that could make them unable to either pursue the course or even work with vunerable adults or young childern, especially if the record is one of violence or threatening behaviour.

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The reason why once someone has a criminal record they cant work with young and vunerable people is because they are unreliable which is a very important aspect that somebody needs when working with people. art therapy is a from of therapy that sometimes focuses on either creative art making from the health user which could show the health users thoughts and feeling without verbally telling the therapist, this helps some health users who have trouble explain or describing their troubles verablly. Art therapy is a humanising and personal type of therapy, for someone to became a art therapist they would have to be skilled about the six Cs. Mostly care, compassion and communication, although being skilled in all of the six Cs is very important when working in a health sector. When an art therapist shows compassion is bonds a ceratin type of trust between the patient and therapist which makes the ecprenece of the therapy session become more relaxing and prosperous for the patient and worker, also when an art therapist shows care it shows they are commited and take their job and patients serouisly and when a health worker shows commitment it improves the expreince and care of the health users, when a health worker shows competence its shows that they have the ablilty to recognize an individuals needs and shows that the work force has the knowlagde and skills to give accurate treatments and care, when a health worker shows communication skills it makes the relationship between the health user and the health worker stronger and it also makes the work froce in the health sector more effective and lastly courge.

All the six Cs are care- care is one of the most important valuse because the health user consistently ecpects it to be given correctly, also when care is given accuratlely it improves thr individual person. compassion- compassion is very necessary because when a health worker shows compassion it helps the health user to believe that the health worker has respect gor them and can emphasis with them, which can give some health users a sense of dignity. communication- communication is cirtical within a work force at a health sector because it makes the team more effective and but also between a patient and worker.

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