Reintegration of Sex Offenders into Society

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Sex offenders are some of the most hated group of people in the United States and world due to their offences. According to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC) in 2016 about 859,500 registered sex offenders are living in the United States under supervision. The topic for this paper is reintegration of sex offenders into society. This topic was selected because of its relevance in society and the fact that it has a lot to do with the criminal justice field. This report will cover some general information about sex offenders, some associated mental illnesses, how the public views sex offenders, how they are attempted to be reintegrated, and various other information. Information about this topic is extremely relevant to anyone that lives in any city and to people entering the criminal justice field because of how closely Law enforcement and Correctional officers work with Probation and Parole agents.(A Village Where All The Villagers Are Convicted Of Sex Offenders.)

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Sex Offenders are criminals that have commited a crime against a person or persons that is resulted in a sexual crime. The sex offender registry is a list of sex offenders and that is broken up into tiers. A Tier I offender is an criminalwho has been convicted and will have been serving less than a one-year sentence in prison. Examples of Tier I sex offenses would be the offender in the possession of child pornography and another example would be sexual assault against any adult that involved sexual relations,also not a attempted sexual act would be considered in the same category. Second tier offenses are generally more aggressive sexual crimes that carry longer than a one-year prison sentence. Tier I offenders who commit another sexual offense crime are generally placed into Tier II category. Any offense against a victim under the age of 18 falls into this tier. Such offenses that would be categorized as Tier II include:(3 Tiers of The Sex Offender Registry)

  1. Engaging or attempting to engage minors in prostitution.
  2. Having any kind of physical sexual contact with a minor that involves intimate parts of the body or attempts, solicitations or conspiracies to have physical sexual contact
  3. Using a minor in a sexual performance and the production or distribution of child pornography.

Tier III categorizes those who are the most dangerous or repetitive sex offenders. Anyone convicted as a Tier II offender who reoffends is generally categorized in this third tier. These convictions are also punishable by one or more years in prison. Offenses considered to be Tier III include:

  1. More severe or aggravated sexual abuse or assault or the conspiracy to commit such an offense
  2. Engaging in a sexual act by force or threat
  3. Engaging in a sexual act with another who is rendered unconscious, is involuntarily drugged or who is otherwise incapable of making a sound decision about the act or is unable to decline participation
  4. Engaging in a sexual act with a child under the age of 12
  5. For children under the age of 16, there are a variety of sexual acts defined in statute
  6. Offenses noted in the Tier II section against whom the victim is 13 years of age or younger and
  7. Kidnapping of a minor

Those are some of the key points to how sex offenders are classified under the reason they are classified that way is to give the public. Defendants who are convicted of a sex crime often face lifelong restrictions, either in the form of the registration or also it refers to the strict measures they have needed to be taken by the state to stop them from committing future crimes. The restrictions also apply even if a offense may be less serious than the other offenses, such as statutory rape between an adult and even a minor that is giving consent. who are close in age or minors texting nude pictures of themselves.(Sex Offenders and Sex Offenses)

Sex offenders in Wisconsin have to follow certain rules when they are released from a correctional institution. Usually sex offenders first move into a halfway house or other similar institution. They do that so they can get a little more used to the outside and do not get a culture shock. The rules they agree to before release can vary based on offences. The standard Probation and Parole rules apply which are basically agreeing not to break any laws, ask permission to leave the state, take any drug or DNA tests requested by agent, and submit to home inspections. The Wisconsin rules for sex offenders change a little. Along with following all court orders, the first one is offenders may have no contact with the victim or family member without prior approval from their agent. Next, to successfully complete all sex offender evaluations related to treatment. Not to stay at any residence other than one’s pre approved after hours designated by the agent. Not to have anyone stay at the sex offenders residence past hours designated by their agent. Any other rules designated by the agent must be followed, such as not going out of Halloween, not having internet access, not having a smartphone, and staying away from playgrounds/schools.

Once sex offenders are incarcerated, it is discovered that they suffer from one form of mental illness or another. Many are not identified or do not get proper treatment because there is a lack of knowledge and training about sex offenders. Once sex offenders go to prison or jail they are either put with other sex offenders or in a cell by themselves for their own safety and the safety of other inmates they may try to manipulate. Sex offenders have a higher rate of mental illness only surpassed then murders. The mental illnesses that sex offenders have for the most part are not curable with the current methods we use today

Sex offenders are some of society’s most hated people, and they are also the most regulated class of offenders. This report covered tiers of sex offenders, types of sex offences, punishments of those offences, the rules that they have to follow, and some mental health issues that offenders have been diagnosed with. I learned that a lot of sex offenders rules were up to the agent to decide what else they had to follow in addition to the standard sex offender and probation rules. Because of this report I will have more information about general sex offender rules, the tiers of sex offenders and some mental illnesses that are associated with them.

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