Relation Between Church and State

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Does religion belong in today’s government? The idea of religion in the government has split America due to the fact that most people disagree nowadays with religion being in the government, but some people think that it would be beneficial to include religion in the government. Most of the people who disagree might think that having religion in the government is more destructive than beneficial to Americans. Most people might think that you don’t need to have religion to have morals or to know from right from wrong. And if you lack morals or the knowledge to know right from wrong, then you lack empathy, not religion. On the other hand, people might think that to have good morals and to know right from wrong; you would have to have some form of religion. They might also think that the only way to have good morals or to know right from wrong is that you have to follow what God says in the holy bible and follow the 10 commandments. But I think that just because you don’t believe in any religion that it doesn’t make you a bad person. Also, I think that religion should not be in the government because it would look only to the bible for answers and they wouldn’t think logically about certain situations.

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One of the pros for the separation of church and state is that it allows decisions to be made from experience instead of perspective. One of the good things of personal faith, no matter what it is called, is that it’s formed from an individualistic perspective. People tend to choose what feels good from their own perspective no matter what it is. From a societal standpoint, however, individual perspectives cannot apply in blanket terms. Even if we all have similar beliefs, we all tend to look at things a little bit differently from one another. By separating perspective away from real-life experiences, society benefits by having both. It also encourages capability over divine right. In the past, the only reason many of the rulers were governed because they claimed a divine right from God to do so. You won’t have to look too far to find politicians claiming the same rights today. The only difference between then and now, is the separation factor. We have no way to tell if the person is telling the truth about having a divine right. All we have is a person’s word. That can be easily manipulated. By separating that belief from the governing process, it becomes easier to elect someone based on their capability instead of their claims.

Although there is many pros to separating church and state; there’s also cons. One of them being it creates limitations for both parties. With the church and state separate, both are limited in the scope of what they can accomplish. Many people take advantage of positive influences provided by both entities to carve out a life for themselves. Religion, at its core, should be based on love and acceptance when taken in context. Because there is separation, a religious education cannot be encouraged or enforced which could impact the daily lives of the society. The government can also take advantage of the separation of church and state. Not having the church involved in the lawmaking process can be a strong negative, just as it can be a strong positive. If a group of leaders decide to pass unjust laws that encourage segregation, hatred, or worse, the church can be a positive influence on design process for the legislation. By pointing out places where ethics or morality may be lacking, society benefits because one group cannot be specifically targeted. Although the government can take advantage of the separation; the church can also take advantage of it. They can encourage their members to not supports the government or to rebel against it. The church can be used to create division within a society between those who share a similar faith and those who do not. Because these decrees come from the church, followers will fee that they are “right” and others are “wrong,” giving them the justification they need to commit negative actions – or even atrocities.

Another pro of taking the church out of the government is that it takes the church out of the role of governing. In governments where the church is intertwined with the state, there is often a need to clear laws with the church before they can be implemented. If the church feels an action is morally wrong, such as requiring businesses to pay for birth control services through health insurance, then the government could not take any action. Because there is searation, the church is taken out of the role of governing. That allows the government to focus on the body while the church focuses on the soul. It also allows you to make personal choices. Without a separation of church and state, there is the possibility of having the government dictate which religion a person can follow. Other religions could be fully outlawed. By separating these two entities, people have the freedom to pursue their own faith instead of having it dictated to them. It also allow for people to choose not to have a religion or religious faith if that is their personal preference.

“I think religion is not only good for the society, but it is essential to society, because everyone must search for truth, for self-knowledge for God. In an amazing number of ways, religious attendance is good for the economy.”-Shayl Mantei. You don’t have to have religion to know the truth. And the “ self-knowledge for God” thing doesn’t really work because everyone believes in different things; some people might not even have a belief.

Therefore, religion and the government shouldn’t be combined together. The reason being is that they both have 2 completely different view points for running the country. One side is focused on one group of people that agrees with their point of view. The other looks at everyone the same way and gives everyone an equal chance.  

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